We tried the new McCroustillant to see if it would dethrone the McPoulet

In the world of fast food, few chicken sandwiches are as iconic as McDonald’s famous McChicken.

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And it’s not for free. The sandwich shines with its simplicity.

A sesame bun, a fried chicken patty, salad and a good mix of McPoulet sauce (no, it’s not mayo, it’s McPoulet sauce).

That’s it.

That’s why I was surprised when I received an email on Monday announcing that McDonald’s was launching a new chicken sandwich.

Crunchy McCord.

Will this be the sandwich to replace the McChicken at the top of my chicken sandwich list?

Obviously the name was interesting and since it is now possible to eat McDo without leaving home thanks to delivery services that I will not name, I had to try it immediately. I also ordered a McPoulet, a question of comparability.

Just 11 minutes later, I texted a picture of my balcony with a McDonald’s bag on it.


The sandwich comes in a box. She is beautiful.


In terms of ingredients, McCroustillant is similar to its colleague. We find the purity of the McPoulet sauce as well as the salad. On the other hand, the sesame bread is replaced with a brioche bread. Because it’s 2022 and everything has to have brioche bread. And the chicken patty is slightly larger than the McPoulet. It’s darker too.

Oral Experience:

Does the McCurly sandwich live up to its name? Yes, it’s still crispy. If that’s something you’re looking for in a chicken burger, that’s definitely a plus. In terms of taste, it is perfectly adequate. But it is a bit drier than the McPoulet.


It’s a really good chicken burger, but in my heart I still prefer McChicken.

To paraphrase another member of the Bag of Crisps team who also tested the McCrustillant, the McCrustillant tastes like a chicken sandwich, but the McChicken tastes like McDonalds. It’s like comparing apples and pears when apples and pears went through the fryer.

As they say, it takes all kinds of chicken burgers to create a world.

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