Sabrina Cournoyer highlights her three-year relationship with her lover

Sabrina Cournoyer had something to celebrate on August 22: she and her lover François are celebrating three years together.

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The ones you can see Hello Hello took to her Instagram account to write a beautiful public declaration of love to the one who makes her heart beat faster. With great tenderness, she looks back on their beginnings together, particularly the moments before and after they first met and how those interactions shaped the rest of their relationship.

We warn you, it might move you!

Here’s his full message here:

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“3 years ago on August 22, 2019 we had our first date.

I remember thinking it was cute because on the way to our meetup we texted each other to say how nervous we were, worse stressed, worse not being a fan, both, first dates .

He wrote me that he deeply regretted his choice of clothes. He was 40 feet tall and his back was well soaked in his nice shirt.
I thought it was funny that he told me.

I thought it was funny because there weren’t any Game.
We’ve already told each other the real things.
It was refreshing.

We had written for a week before the meeting. It had happened the same way. It was good because it allowed us to discover a lot before we actually saw each other.

However, I was afraid that I had raised too many expectations and that I would be disappointed in real life. It could be.
But that was not the case.
It clicked immediately.

After that I was afraid to make me Spirit (because it had already happened to me and it marks a long time).
Worse, it didn’t happen.

3 years later we still haven’t ghosted each other. We always tell each other the true things (even if it’s not easy to say). We’ve been through a thousand little storms. Worse still, we try hard and don’t give up.

Our relationship is not perfect. I think it’s important to say that because all my life I’ve felt like we were sold the dream that once you met the right person everything was easy and smooth.

But over the years I have understood that it is important to find someone who wants to go in the same direction and that it is important to make the necessary efforts to become better together.

And we have been doing this for 3 years.
It’s worse doing nonsense to make yourself laugh.

I don’t think we’re any worse off.”

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Definitely, Sabrina has a trick with words!

The hostess accompanied her text with a series of photos of the couple traveling in western Canada.

We wish them many happy years together!

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