Martin Fontaine talks about Elvis

“A nice entertainment for new generations”, in which the director “turned a lot of rough edges”. An Elvis impersonator for 27 years, Martin Fontaine had a lackluster appreciation for Baz Luhrmann’s feature film about the King, which he saw last week.

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Martin Fontaine, a big fan of Elvis Presley, was eagerly awaiting the cinematic work, but also a little apprehensive elvis by Baz Luhrman.

Last Thursday, after a performance he turned inElvis experience At the Théâtre St-Denis, the singer and about twenty of his colleagues from the show were able to attend a private screening of the film organized in the cinema next to the theater.

When asked what he thought of the film, which was a box office hit at over $263 million, Martin Fontaine initially responded that the film was “very well done” and “really offers a director’s vision.” wanted to reach a younger audience.

“A Disney Movie”

“He decided to explain the story to those who don’t know Elvis,” he said. […] The die-hard Elvis lovers who belong to the documentary film generation and biopics [films biographiques] may be less found there. It looked more like a Disney movie than anything else. »

Martin Fontaine, who is meticulous about the details surrounding Elvis, finds it unfortunate that Baz Luhrmann has omitted certain important moments in the King’s life, particularly the relationship he had with his mother and the fact that he was a recognized wanted to be an actor.

Austin Butler portrays Elvis on the big screen.

Assigned photo

Austin Butler portrays Elvis on the big screen.

“I don’t think the story is really complete,” he said. I think he trimmed a lot of rough edges to make it good entertainment. »

Martin Fontaine found it positive that we tell how much the young Elvis was influenced by black American music. “That’s what made him this kind of artist. »

colossal work

He also thinks that actor Austin Butler, who plays Elvis, did “a colossal job.” “He summed it up well. He studied it really well. He copies the performances he makes gesture by gesture. »

On the other hand, he didn’t understand the accent Tom Hanks used for his role as Colonel Parker. “That has nothing to do! He’s a con man who worked in the southern United States. There it looks like it’s a narration in the Lord of the rings… »

The trip Elvis experience will be presented this week at the Salle J.-Antonio-Thompson in Trois-Rivières.

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