Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got married, discover in pictures the incredible estate where they met

To celebrate their wedding, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez chose a very special place. The two stars met on Saturday at the actor’s home in Riceboro, Georgia, in the presence of their loved ones. If this place is so important to the couple, it’s because Ben Affleck offered it in 2003 when he was dating J-Lo. At the time of the engagement, this is where they should have passed the ring on her finger. But a year later, they’d announced their split, putting their romantic dreams on hold. It took almost 20 years for the “Bennifers”, as they were called at the time, to find each other. And this time the wedding took place. A stroke of fate, a few years ago Ben Affleck tried to sell his property for 8.9 million euros. But he decided to take it off the market in light of the Covid 19 crisis, reports the New York Post.

The property, described as a “remarkable recreation of a pre-war Greek Revival style plantation home,” is located about 45 minutes south of Savannah. Spread over 35 acres, it consists of three distinct buildings overlooking the North Newport River and Hampton Island. The main house extends over two floors and is 557 square meters. It has a porch directly overlooking the river. It has four bedrooms and five bathrooms. The location also features a 929-square-foot guest house with three suites and six bedrooms. Photos taken during the wedding preparations show that the quay was adorned with flowers and a large marquee was erected on the vast lawn. The two lovers then walked along the path of the garden to the altar. A source told ET that the property is the perfect location for the couple’s private wedding – who previously confirmed in Las Vegas in July – noting that the residence is incredibly well insulated. Although it faces the sea, the land is protected by parkland and swamps.

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But Riceboro can’t escape controversy over its style befitting old “plantation homes.” Built in 2000, it was intended to resemble the southern country’s pre-civil war residences. The controversy surrounding this home surfaced again when it was revealed by researchers a few years ago that one of Ben Affleck’s ancestors may have owned slaves in the area, not far from the home the star bought in 2003. “When he found out who his ancestors were, he tried to suppress history,” Leslie Harris, associate editor of Slavery and Freedom in Savannah and history professor at Northwestern University, told the New York Post. “It’s clear he hasn’t learned the lesson. We’re back in the same place with him. People are still building plantation style houses. It’s a sign of wealth. It is surprising that Affleck chose this location for his wedding when many (historical) plantations no longer hold weddings themselves.

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