Claude Bégin and Lysandre Nadeau reveal the gender of their unborn baby

After announcing earlier this month that they are expecting their first child together, Claude Bégin and Lysandre Nadeau have revealed the gender of their unborn baby!

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This Saturday, August 20th, Lysandre and Claude celebrated the upcoming birth of their first child together with their families and loved ones.

Among them were singer Vanessa Duchel and Cedrick Tremblay, very close friends of Lysandre. This revealed that they would be the baby’s godmother and godfather!

Instagram screenshot

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The “sex revelation” took place at Alicia Moffet’s former home, now owned by Joanie Grenier aka DD Point G, Lysandre’s Podcast Co-Host, oral sex.

Decorated in shades of yellow, orange and coral, it was a change from the traditional pink or blue. Also, the content creator used the terms “banana or grapefruit,” meaning yellow or pink, instead of “boy or girl.”

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To reveal the baby’s gender, Lysandre and Claude had small colored incense sticks and a cake, the color of which, once cut, would reveal the long-awaited information.

On the same day, the mom-to-be and her loved ones shared multiple stories about the event, maintaining the surprise by releasing the whole thing in black and white or cutting the video at the time of the reveal.

Instagram screenshot

Instagram screenshot

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Then this Monday, Lysandre finally posted photographer Falbala Cloutier’s official photos to Instagram, thereby revealing the baby’s gender.

It’s a boy!

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The 27-year-old was surprised because she felt like she was expecting a girl. However, she explained a few days earlier that she had always wanted a boy because her relationship with her mother was turbulent when she was young.

It is a second boy for Claude, as he is already the father of young Romain, 13 years old.

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Congratulations to the parents-to-be!

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