At 65, Michel Barrette spins the perfect fortune

You know him, Michel Barrette is a humorist and talkative actor. When you interview him, you’re always entitled to a, “Wait, I have something to tell you!” It’s fascinating and incredibly entertaining, as you’ll see as he talks to us about his trip to California and the film 23rd of December.

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Michel lives a good time between the moments he spends at home with his loved ones, the shows they present and the different proposals he receives. In late May, he returned from a trip to California that served him well. “Looking back on my journey, I realize I never stopped working. Most comedians write a show for a year, year and a half, they direct it and they present it for two or three years. Then they take a year off and start writing another show. I finished one show on Friday and a new one on Monday, not to mention the shooting of series, movies and the management of the hotel (Les Trois Tilleuls which closed in 2020)! Every time I take a break, like I did for 21 days to make this trip to California, there are two observations: first, it’s crazy how time flies, and second, it feels good to to have a little more time for me and my gang.”

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A journey and a balance sheet
It’s been a long time since his first trip to California! “I was 24, driving away with my girlfriend in our little Volkswagen. With $500 in our pockets, we’d done Route 66, California, Santa Monica and done our best happiness all the way back to Vancouver,” he says. This time, he took this motorcycle trip with five friends who had never been to the American West. “It was the 10th time I’ve ridden the 66. You know, I do a lot Medical check-ups and during that trip I was kind of on a pilgrimage. There are places where I slowed down because it brought back memories. If someone had told me when I was at the beach at 24 with my girlfriend that I would return 40 years later on a motorcycle with friends to where I had pitched my tent, that I would no longer be with her and that I would have children and a career, I would not have believed it!”


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Enjoy life
At 65, Michel realizes that time is running out and intends to focus on things he loves more than anything. “To see people leave their jobs after many years or die, like Guy Lafleur, is scary. I realize I have a lot less left and in my head I tell myself I’m leaving at 82 or 83, I know that. That means I still have about fifteen years left. It doesn’t scare me, it just makes me think I need to take advantage of it.” He continues, “You know, I’ve cleaned up a lot in my life over the last few years, including in relation to certain people that I’m a part of for a long time. It sapped my energy. Now I can recognize “the real ones” a lot better. It feels good and makes me think about the things that are important to me. Like I’m so good with my girlfriend! We recently celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary. We have known each other for 20 years. It has been 20 years since my life has changed for the better. I met her at the perfect time. And there are my children growing up, I am so proud of her and I think she’s so beautiful! It’s a damn good time!”


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be at the top
Michel has been living in Beauce for two years, a wise decision. “I love it, I like it! I had lived in Montreal or the suburbs for 40 years. Imagine: In the summer, young people come by my house with their bicycles and their fishing rods and go fishing in the creek! First I was asked if our house would be like our chalet, then people understood that we are going to settle here. Yesterday I was on my tractor and I said to myself that’s happiness: mowing the lawn when I saw my girlfriend on the balcony. It’s clear that I won’t be moving from here again.” Michel is preparing to continue his tour The humor of my life This autumn. “I’ve done 12 shows in 40 years, I’m the current comedian who’s done all kinds of shows. It’s only because I’m the oldest, not the best! (laughs) I’m also the one with the longest uninterrupted career. So I gave. And it’s fun because the halls are full, people are laughing, and I’m proud of this last show. I still have a hundred gigs ahead of me. It’s funny because when I said it was my last show, people took me for an actor. Last year I had to turn down two leading roles because I didn’t have time. Many people have stopped presenting shows while I have continued and I have done more than a hundred in the last two years in conditions that sometimes didn’t look good!


The wind in the sails
“I also have another great project that I can’t talk about right now and there have been some wonderful deals, like Serge Fiori hosting me on his web show Chez Padre. Say how much we had a great time together! And then there’s La Tite Frette with Gildor.” Michel and Gildor, who together shot 156 episodes of km/h, are the spokespersons for the company Tite Frette, which has about thirty branches in Quebec. You certainly remember this sentence that Germain Denis threw in km/h: “A little trouble, my Denis?” “This is the SAQ for microbreweries,” says Michel. I was in Valleyfield this winter when I saw this store. I went and made a little video for the bosses telling them their idea was great and then I got their call. I’m very proud because it’s a great organization.”

At the end of the year we will get back in touch with the actor as he was involved in the film 23rd of December written by India Desjardins and directed by Miryam Bouchard, starring in particular Virginie Fortin, François Arnaud, Catherine Brunet and Guylaine Tremblay. “I had never acted with Guylaine, she is my wife in the film and I loved that! She’s so good and funny, she’s real! Michel Barrette, don’t worry, hasn’t finished surprising us yet, and retirement is certainly not for tomorrow…


Michel will be headlining one of the Great Well Cooked ComedyHa! 23.8. For the dates of his L’humour de ma vie tour see The film 23rd of December hits theaters on November 25th. We get to know the business Tite Frette to


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