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Three years after the success of his album loopholesApple launches on Friday consolation. An intimate but open-minded work in which the most Quebecoan of all French singers tries to free herself from the pressure to succeed and the outsider’s gaze.

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Josee Lapointe

Josee Lapointe
The press

There’s a lot of Quebec in this third Claire Pommet album, recorded almost entirely at the Wild studio in Saint-Zénon in Lanaudière.

“I’m fortunate to be French, integrated in Quebec in a special and privileged way, and I’d heard about this place for years. It’s a chalet that’s been turned into a studio and it’s perfect for making an album behind closed doors,” he told us in an interview. zoom the one who divides her life between Quebec and France, from where she promotes this album, and who discreetly married Safia Nolin at the beginning of the summer, according to an article in the Paris match published last Thursday.

The songs of consolation were written on both sides of the Atlantic. But the fact of having shot them here in mid-December – “It really was in the Quebec chill which I love… I definitely prefer it to the 90 percent humidity like we had in June! – gives them more “width”, the singer-songwriter thinks.

“That’s what I love about Quebec and Canada in general. That everything is big and we can breathe. Being surrounded by Quebec musicians also ‘colors’ the album, she believes. “Of course you can hear it musically. »

Self consolation with Nelly

Quebec is also represented by a song she wrote for the late Nelly Arcan, whose work she discovered late in life. The author’s obsession with the dictates of beauty has accomplished more than she thought.

It was the first time I had a fictional and artistic encounter with a person who spoke so honestly. She said real things. And that’s what I’m looking for in my life, that honesty.


Nelly Arcan died in tragic circumstances in 2009. It’s meant to “go beyond the drama” and so that she “didn’t die in vain,” Apple wrote nellyas a last consolation.

“The song comforted me. After I wrote it I gave the album that title because it was the connection between all the themes. »

Comforting yourself while comforting others, with gentleness and kindness, inwardness and strength: that’s Apple’s masterpiece here. These new songs are like a series of postcards spanning from her childhood to the 26-year-old woman she has become, who seems to have fixed some “mistakes” and gained maturity.

“During the pandemic, I really wondered what my place in society would be if I couldn’t sing anymore. Making songs was good for her, but she soon realized that the concept of consolation, which was “very connected to childhood”, was not often emphasized or cultivated.

“I myself thought for a long time that I didn’t need anyone. »

So even if she reveals herself more than ever and speaks to you in most songs – “Please think of me / When you want to drop everything”, she sings along Septemberthe “most comforting” of all – she feels like everyone can relate to her.

“It remains completely universal to speak of friendship, love, sisterhood. »

open doors

After the success of the album loopholeswho crowned her revelation at the Victoires de la Musique in 2020 and then became a female performer in 2021, Pomme has lived with “the fear of repetition”. The flaws 2 “. Afraid of repeating herself or being too reactive to success, she admits she’s been caught in a “constant internal struggle.”

I wanted to be as myself as possible. And in myself it’s not just folk and singing.


With Flavien Berger, with whom she co-produced the album, she explored more electronic sounds and played more with vocal effects. All of this has opened “artistic doors” for her and proved to her that she made the right decision and is not locked in a straitjacket.

“By the end of the album I wanted to do a lot of others while I’m usually empty. That means it looks like me! It doesn’t matter if it’s more or less successful than the previous one, at least I feel artistically related. »

The singer lives well with success, but feels no need for more. Above all, she hopes that those who have loved loopholes be able to “like and understand” this album and that new people will get to know his music.

“I hope he will comfort people because he comforted me. »





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