After 14 years of marriage, Nathalie Simard admits to having found the rare pearl

On August 7th my husband and I celebrated 14 years of marriage! I went to Google: This anniversary is called the Marriage of Lead. Not very romantic! But after reading the meaning of this name, I was completely charmed. I saw us straight away, Lévis and me. I reveal to you the meaning of it!

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After 14 years of marriage, lead symbolizes the cohesion of a couple. This material therefore represents a love that grows stronger over the years. Like all couples, my love and I have had difficult times, and each time we have proudly managed to get through them together. Those who have followed us for several years know that life has thrown a lot of hardships at us. On March 13, 2019, just before the pandemic, there was even a breakup. This separation lasted six months. Needless to say, it wasn’t easy…

However, this break turned out to be necessary, we needed it without really being aware of it! Love is a very big word and it takes years to get to know and feel all that it entails. At the beginning of a relationship we talk about passion, and it’s only after a while, when passion gives way to love, that we really understand what the true sense of being is. In my life I, men, I lived, had unstable relationships, but I realize today that this tumultuous course was necessary! Today I can finally say that I am well accompanied, by a benevolent man. A man who, during our separation, had the strength and courage to take care of his child’s heart. He had the awakening to understand that in order to love the other, one must first learn to love oneself. His journey has allowed us to establish in our couple a solidity, a complicity and a love capable of passing all the tests!

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Today we develop together hand in hand and pay great attention to listening to each other. We’re cultivating that precious happiness we’ve worked so hard to create! Over time I realized that one of the biggest challenges is finding the man or woman of your life and finally Lévis and I can say that we have found it! Humbly, we are genuinely proud of our life journey. We tell each other everyday that life is wonderful and we never forget to say I love you. In short, love is cultivated!

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