Unsafe Roofs | Ford has to pay 1.7 billion

(Woodstock) A US jury has returned a $1.7 billion (CAD$2.2 billion) verdict against automaker Ford in a pick-up truck accident that killed a Georgian couple.

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Jeff Martin
Associated Press

The jury returned the verdict late last week after a year-long civil trial involving a roof that plaintiffs’ attorneys said was dangerously defective on Ford pickup trucks, attorney James Butler Jr. said Sunday .

Melvin and Voncile Hill were killed in April 2014 when their 2002 Ford F-250 overturned. Her children, Kim and Adam Hill, were plaintiffs in the case.

I used to buy Ford trucks. I thought nobody would sell a truck with a roof that low. The damn thing is useless in an accident. Could also drive a convertible.

James Butler Jr.

In closing arguments, attorneys hired by the company defended the actions of Ford and its engineers.

The company has sought to defend itself against allegations “that Ford and its engineers acted intentionally and without reason, knowingly disregarding the safety of those traveling in their cars, when making these roof strength decisions,” defense attorney William Withrow said in his closing arguments. according to the court record.

The charge that Ford was irresponsible and intentionally made decisions that put customers at risk is “simply not” true, another defense attorney, Paul Malek, said in the same closing argument.

Plaintiffs’ attorneys presented evidence of nearly 80 similar truck-top shattered accidents in which a motorist was injured or killed, Mr.e Butler, Butler Prather LLP, in a statement.

“More deaths and serious injuries are certain as millions of these trucks are on the road,” he wrote.e Butler, Gerald Davidson, forthcoming.

“An award of punitive damages, hopefully to warn people driving around in the millions of these trucks sold by Ford, was the reason the Hill family was pushing for a verdict,” Ms. Hill said.e Servant.

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