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Rammstein’s long-awaited stadium tour of North America finally began on Sunday at Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal. More than 43,000 metal and pyrotechnics enthusiasts had gathered to find the famous German industrial metal band.

During the day, some were afraid of thunderstorms. It was obvious that the gigantic nature of the production left little room for the show, which had already been postponed twice due to the pandemic, to be postponed again. Evidenced by a monstrous stage, 200 feet wide, 100 deep and 120 high, and staggering numbers including a staggering production team of 265 people mobilizing 260 local technicians per show and 90 tractor-trailers hauling more than 1350 tons of material.

Luckily the storms have cleared.

“Montreal, good evening! ‘ threw leader Till Lindemann to an insane amount of enthusiasm, waving his arm before continuing with his ultra deep voice zigzaganother piece from her most recent Time, eighth album released in spring 2022. The impressive light show was somewhat reminiscent of Sauron’s Eye of Mordor, with the band’s huge logo towering over the stage. In front of the stage, in the “fire zone”, the audience was ready to get their eyelashes and eyebrows red and really hot.

The theatrical stagings followed one another on stage with gradually increasing visual effects. Intense and excellent Show yourselfwhere “Doctor Lorenz” shone in his gold sequined suit and trotted on on his treadmill behind his synthesizer, followed by Lindemann’s sad flamethrower-to-chest clown on the mighty one My heart is burning bathed in red light.

With the arrival of a giant stroller on Puppet, which ignited in a frenzied frenzy of destruction, the show grew ever more ambitious. Adding to the flames and misfires was confetti, totaling no less than 780 pounds, being spewed into the crowd from the stroller by an agonizing baby. With no fewer than 1070 projectors, 36 smoke machines and 35 fans, the wealth of visual effects reached its peak.

Total euphoria about the immense success Haveat which the headbanging took the limelight of the crowd, with an impressive finale full of fireworks that unfolded up to the four sound towers in the center of the audience, before it really heated up rings with huge pillars of fire 20 meters high.

All in all, the group has proposed 586 pyrotechnic effects to reveal this hyper-creative universe, refined in a quarter turn, sometimes completely insane and often solemnly insane.

As a reminder, the stage animals offered a sweet moment with the beauty Angel and the Abelard duo on another elevated stage before navigating the crowd in dinghies to the main stage.

As of press time, a second encore was unfolding with Rammstein and a Lindemann literally bathed in flames and blazing guitars.

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