News anchor becomes TVA Nouvelles at 10 p.m.: Pierre-Olivier Zappa realizes his dream

Pierre-Olivier Zappa already knew at the age of 5 that he wanted to do the same job as Pierre Bruneau and Bernard Derome, his two role models. Twenty-nine years later, with all his experience on screen and on location, he takes over the helm of TVA Nouvelles this Monday at 10 p.m., succeeding Sophie Thibault.

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The versatile new anchor has several strings to his bow and is one of the most gifted journalists of his generation. On the same day, he will be able to host his program “À vos affaires” on LCN – which he will continue with the support of an extended team – editing and intervening in all news programs and translating straight to the point. We’ve even equipped him with a mobile device that allows him to translate the words of Justin Trudeau or Joe Biden into Molière’s language whenever he needs to, wherever he is, whether it’s in his car or even at the cabin!

It was his cameraman father in an English-language broadcaster who introduced him to the world of electronic media at an early age. Speaking of family, Pierre-Olivier Zappa dropped out far from the city during the hot season.

He spent a lot of time in the country with his girlfriend and their 3 and 6 year old sons. Many fishing trips, long forest walks and good food on the beach sums up his summer well. All of these simple things and more have kept his happiness index at a more than satisfactory level. “My sons discover the world. Going trout fishing on a pontoon, coming back in the evening and baking cakes with her mother, then bringing cakes to the neighbors, that feels good,” he told agency QMI.

With summer ending and Quebec’s election just around the corner, Pierre-Olivier Zappa is “hyped” and excited to finally “break the ice.” “I’m very excited because we’ve been talking about this for several weeks and preparing the bulletin. I’m ready and we have fantastic teams that support us and in which we have full confidence.

He intends to log in at 10pm in continuity, so there won’t be any big changes. However, he intends to bring “his color”, his “energy” and his “personality”, he who can count on the comments of Emmanuelle Latraverse and the enlightened eye of Richard Latendresse from Washington.

“Basically it’s a simple bulletin that gets straight to the point because we have 35 minutes to summarize the news. We try to better understand and anticipate what will happen the next day. Ultimately, my goal is always to better equip people so that we can make the best decisions individually and collectively. We have elections, we have economic upheavals, interesting social debates, there’s the midterm elections in the United States – it’s going to cause a stir – so there’s a lot of material,” said Pierre – Olivier Zappa.

Pierre-Olivier Zappa is also active with regard to the election night on October 3rd, he will be back on the election cards. Before that, he will also contribute his expertise to the special program at the start of the election campaign and take part in the now traditional “face-to-face”.

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