Kiima: barely started and already present in 8 countries

The young company Kiima from Quebec wants to reduce waste in the area of ​​personal care products. His innovative concept is already making waves in eight countries.

Amid warnings of escalating environmental problems, company co-founder Samuel Lemire Dupont believes “tablet products don’t make sense with their packaging”. According to him, a large majority of the population wants to reduce their waste and there are no simple solutions to make the transition.

So in 2019 he launched Kiima and it was the deodorant market he and his wife wanted to tackle.

“Each year in North America, 1.2 billion deodorants are purchased and their packaging thrown away. Very little is recycled,” explains the 32-year-old entrepreneur.

Unique business model

Kiima has a unique business model: an eco-designed applicator that can be refilled with natural deodorants from different brands.

The applicator compatibility is awesome. It leaves the choice of deodorant to the consumer. And the partner deodorant manufacturers are already well established, which makes it possible to reach a wider clientele faster.

The other innovation is the attention to the ecological and healthy dimension of the product.

According to Mr. Lemire Dupont, the applicator followed an eco-design process that aims to minimize the product’s environmental footprint. For example, the design would allow optimal use of the deodorant tablet, which would save 6% waste. In the case of deodorant refill packs, the selected partners must be guided by the values ​​of Kiima and thus offer refill packs based on natural products.

This month, the company will begin manufacturing its applicators at a certified green facility in Granby, and Samuel Lemire Dupont believes Kiima will “carve out a place in Quebec Inc. “.

Back in 2019, Canadian company The Green Beaver Company fell in love with Kiima’s proposal.

Today the young company has 10 permanent partners and four more in negotiations in eight countries. The launch is planned for this fall. And “the inquiries are already piling up,” adds the co-founder of the young company.

Influence the market

The entrepreneur has big ambitions. He wants to influence the market to make it more responsible.

“We are changing the way we consume personal care and beauty products. Thanks to our model of collaboration in rechargeable products, we will position ourselves as a leader in the world,” he assures.

Kiima plans to continue investing in research and development and claims to already have a second product ready to launch next year.

On the distribution side, entrepreneurs will start online and in health and wholesale stores, but they want to reach the entire market. In this sense, the manager says he is already in talks with chain stores.

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