Great well prepared ComediHa! | Normand Brathwaite knows how to laugh at himself

Normand Brathwaite lends itself to well-prepared game (roast meat) on August 22 as part of the ComediHa! Anyone who has never hesitated to laugh at others is mocked by Laurent Paquin in one evening. An “honour”, even better than a tribute, according to the headmaster concerned.

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Marissa Groghe

Marissa Groghe
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“Nothing makes me laugh like making people laugh at myself,” says Normand Brathwaite on the line. He specifies that the exercise is only effective if those who make fun of him are people close to him, who value him. “Making a joke about someone you don’t really like – and I’ve made one before – doesn’t work, it’s not funny.” , Luce Dufault, Mona de Grenoble and Maxim Martin to spend an evening making fun of him.

Normand Brathwaite was confident in accepting ComediHa’s offer! Firstly because he has a long association with the festival – he has hosted several galas including his 20th Galae Anniversary. Also because he “felt badly placed to say no”.

I’ve spent most of my career teasing people about it pepperoni. Laurentius [Paquin] told me it could be well done, very well done or grilling. I took grilling ! It interests me to see how they can go further than me, I go further myself.

Norman Brathwaite

The host-actor-musician knows how to laugh at himself. He is also one of the most outspoken public figures in Quebec. Normand Brathwaite has answered almost every question that has been put to him throughout his career. And even when he didn’t have to, sometimes he chose to open up. For example, when he spoke about his depression while accepting a Gemini Award. “There are people who don’t like me because I say what I think and I always tell the truth,” he says. Other people love me for that. »

If he knows that during his grand bien-cuit at ComediHa! will not give bad taste jokes, he is also aware of the ammunition that his great transparency gives to those who show up roaster. Are there things he’s afraid of being covered over during the well-cooked meal? “I just told Laurent I don’t want anyone talking about my kids,” he replies. My daughter chose this job, but my other two children tend not to. You will not go there. »

An honour

For Normand Brathwaite, whose career has received many awards and honors (including the title “Television Immortal” from the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television), this successful film is an honor. “It’s like saying you’re important enough to fill a room to be laughed at,” he says. I like that better than a tribute, which can be a bit awkward. »

Normand Brathwaite has been in the industry for almost 45 years. Having become a key figure in show business, he initially joined the board after training in theater. After a four-decade hiatus, he returned to his first love this summer and appeared in the play Sainte Marie la Maudernealong with his friend Michel Rivard.


Normand Brathwaite photographed during rehearsals for the play Sainte Marie la Mauderne with Michel Rivard and Fayolle Jean Jr.

This return to the theater almost never came about, as he initially turned down the offer. “That was a big no because I have incredible stage fright,” he explains, adding that the idea of ​​never being able to deviate, like in improvisation or animation, scares him the most.

The excellent actress Émilie Bibeau told me that if I played more, I would realize that we can differ a little, but like a school of fish, all together.

Norman Brathwaite

Finally arguing with Michel Rivard, who was keen to have him attend, he decided to go ahead. Because Normand Brathwaite often gets sick when he gets nervous, his friend had told him he would “hang in there”. Bucket for him, he says. “He’s like a big brother, he’s a little older than me,” continues Normand Brathwaite. And we have the same background, even if it’s progressed musically, while I’m an animator making music. But I felt someone in my ties to hold on to. »

While he has spent the last few months on stage at Saint-Jérôme to present himself Sainte Marie la Mauderne, he quickly realized what he’d been hearing about: that feeling of wanting to come back after a few gigs rather than being afraid of screwing it up. “I’m here,” Normand Brathwaite said. So after another season of beautiful and stupid with the beginning of the school year he will be going on tour next spring full of joy. And then ? “Now that I’m back on the bike, I’d like to continue. Present Sainte Marie or another room. »

Normand Brathwaite’s Le Grand bien-cuit will be performed at the Théâtre Capitole on August 22nd. They are followed by those of Michel Barrette (August 23), Martin Matte (August 24) and Cathy Gauthier (August 25).

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