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Yes, it is good, house of the dragon. It’s high-quality entertainment, crammed with special effects, topped with bloody battles and lined with hideous characters speaking made-up languages ​​while drinking raspy red wine. Jorane didn’t invent anything, friends.

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On the other hand, this new series derives game of Thrones, which airs Sunday at 9pm on Crave in French and English, may disappoint die-hard fans of author George RR Martin with its simplicity. There house of the dragon turns out to be a stripped down and reduced version of game of Thronesa series that, however, was sustained by its engulfing ambition and screenplay density.

The first episode of house of the dragon even begins with a narrator (argh!) telling us, in a super solemn tone, that the events depicted in the series take place 172 years before the birth of Daenerys Targaryen, mother of dragons and unburned woman. It’s a bit childish as a process.

Especially for all of us who have experienced eight rich seasons of game of Thrones They spent countless hours on Wikipedia deciphering the Seven Kingdoms, understanding the multiple alliances between the houses, and identifying the bearded, brown-clad characters who all look the same after a drunk but dimly lit banquet. Damn candles.

The complexity of the stories was both a strength and a weakness of game of Thrones. Impossible to follow, the less brave couch potatoes quipped. The others, braver ones, were sucked into a whirlpool that forced them to be very proactive in listening to HBO’s cult series.

The Epic Episodes game of Thrones catapulted us beyond the ice of the Wall, into the burning sands of Yunkai, or into the heart of the lush Highgarden. The stunning opening credits, which unfolded in the form of an interactive world map, always told us which places in Westeros we would visit. We met an evil red witch, a talking old tree and a three-eyed crow, sir!

In this sense, house of the dragon is smarter. It is finer, more circumscribed and less dense. The plot focuses on the power struggles and internal strife that will lead to the downfall of the Targaryen family, all of whom sport long, platinum-white hair. think of successor, but in a simili-medieval castle in which the protagonists give each other “Your Grace” every two minutes. With a British accent.

The action mainly takes place at the Red Keep in King’s Landing. King Viserys Iah Targaryen, who already has a daughter, Princess Rhaenyra, has been waiting ten years for an heir to be born so his family (with bad wigs) can continue their rule of the Seven Kingdoms. Because in this rigid time, always in Westeros, women never ascend the Iron Throne.

But with her fiery character and sharp intelligence, 15-year-old Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen could pulverize this patriarchal feudal regime. Surely it’s not his permissive uncle, Daemon Targaryen, very much dusk in its aesthetic that possesses the qualities of a good ruler. Violent Daemon lives in a brothel – classic game of Thrones – and loves it when the blood splatters. In short, he is a perfect character for this universe of fantasy gore.

In the council of King Viserys Targaryen there is obviously a gossip and rogue who specializes in political shenanigans. We do not change a formula that is as successful as it is effective.

I’ve seen six of the ten episodes of house of the dragon, which you unfortunately have to! consume weekly. It’s a prestigious TV, very well put together. The story progresses quickly and includes most of the favorite ingredients of game of Thrones : gigantic wedding scenes, beheadings, a touch of incest, sword and dagger fights, a mountain of naked bodies and striking dragon attacks. Ah yes, some of the excellent music from the original credits has also been restored house of the dragon.

What’s missing from the shows? First, lovable supporting characters like Samwell, Brienne, Podrick or Hodor. in the house of the dragon, nobody is really funny or personable or even pleasant at first contact. Compared to the Lannisters or the Starks, the Targaryens are, how do you put it, flat?

Then we miss the extravagance and generosity of the first seasons of game of Thrones. Give us more meat and more clues, we can take it.

and house of the dragon does not contain any shocking moments that cause howls in the huts for the time being. Like The Purple Wedding or the murder of Ned Stark.

In short, yes it is right, house of the dragon. But it’s not nearly as strong as Valyrian steel game of Thrones was soaked.

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