5 shocking testimonies from the documentary about Marie-Soleil Tougas

The Vrai platform has added to its program an extremely touching documentary that chronicles the career of actress and presenter Marie-Soleil Tougas, loved by Quebecers, and that of her spouse, filmmaker Jean-Claude Lauzon. Freeing for their loved ones, the film follows these two rising stars who died in a tragic accident in far north Quebec 25 years ago.

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The presence of people who knew the two personalities greatly aids the documentation. The testimony of Marie-Soleil’s mother, Micheline Begin, is shocking. “Micheline has spoken a lot about the death of her daughter over the years and I know she wants to turn the page now. I told her that I will work as hard as I can to keep this document alive so that she can finally turn the page!” says the director.

Sebastian Tougaswho shared the screen with her big sister banana peelHe also worked on the documentary and says he’s very happy with the result. “I didn’t know Jean-Claude Lauzon. I never met him. I had only heard of the character. Thanks to this documentary, I was able to learn a little bit about the man who shared my sister’s life. I loved the portrait we did of her and Jean-Claude. It’s a living tribute! Marie-Soleil, I still think of her every day, even after 25 years!”

On the day of the tragedy, the couple was with their friends Gaston Lepage and Patrice L’Ecuyer who watched helplessly as their plane crashed. Personal images taken by Gaston are also added to the visual archives. “I waited before watching the documentary because I knew it would upset me,” says Lepage. I was touched by the happiness that inhabited these two beings and by the love shared by those who witnessed their lives. For me this is of great importance! Jean-Claude was a great friend who is less well known to the public and I loved the portrait that was painted of him!

Several other personalities testified, including Genevieve Borne, Louise DesChatelets, Patricia Paquin, Nathalie Petrovsky, Guy Fournier, Christian Fourier, Alain Choquette, Guy Mongrain and Andre Robaille.

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