WWE SmackDown Results for August 19, 2022

WWE SmackDown Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The commentators are Michael Cole and Pat Mcafee.

– Tonight is the 1200th episode of WWE SmackDown, the blue show begins with the arrival of no music from Ronda Rousey. She stands in the middle of the ring and says that she paid her fine last week and that she is asking for her reinstatement. She asks Adam Pierce to come to the ring because she won’t leave until she gets what she wants. Adam Pierce certainly comes along and says he understands why Ronda is upset, but she can’t sabotage the show to get what she wants. He asks her to leave the ring calmly. Ronda responds by telling Adam Pearce not to force her to use force. Security comes in to meet him but Ronda Rousey attacks her. She ends up wearing a jujigatame on a security member. Adam Pearce asks the police to come and Ronda allows himself to be led to the boos of a hot Montreal crowd. We follow the police who take Ronda Rousey by car and another crosses them. We see Roman Reigns get out of the oncoming car and the Montreal fans explode.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament – First Round

Natalya & Sonya Deville vs. Toxic Attraction (Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne)

At the end of the game, Natalya knocked Gigi Dolin down and carried the Sharpshooter, but the change was made that allowed Jacy Jayne to surprise the Canadian with a rollup for the win.

Winner: Toxic Attraction (Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne)

– Behind the scenes we find Sami Zayn appearing in front of the Roman Reigns box. A security guard stands in front of her and tells her that the tribal chief wants to see him. Sami Zayne complies and sits on the sofa with Roman Reigns, who asks him how he’s doing. Sami Zayn says he’s fine but complains that Jay has been a bit on the back lately. He says he saved Jay last week but seems ungrateful because there was no thanks. Roman Reigns is thoughtful and finally says he’s okay with him, but that Jey is part of the family. Roman walks away for a few seconds and gets a call, which Sami answers because he has the phone next to him. Jey calls and Roman tells Sami to answer. Sami replies and says he will forward the message to Roman Reigns. The tribal chief asks what’s going on and Sami says the Usos may not be there tonight because they have problems at the border, but he is there. Roman asks Sami Zayn if Kevin Owens is okay and to tell him that he doesn’t owe anyone anything. Sami concludes that they haven’t spoken in a while, but he needs to know.

– After the commercial break, we find the Maximum Male Models (Max Dupri, Maxxine Dupri, Mace & Mansoor) in the ring, but they are very quickly interrupted by Hit Row (Top Dolla, Ashante Thee Adonis & B-Fab). Max Dupri says Hit Row doesn’t live up to the standards of MMM and especially Top Dolla. He doesn’t continue as Ashante and Top Dolla are busy getting rid of Mace and Mansoor. Hit Row starts with an impromptu concert with a very open-minded audience.

– We have a promo from Karrion Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux. Scarlett says that a tongue might not be made of steel, but that doesn’t stop it from being sharp. Karrion Kros welcomes Drew McIntyre and says his return left him completely unsettled. He says he might not want to be called the “chosen one,” but he is, just like Roman Reigns. He says Roman succeeded where Drew McIntyre failed. He ends by saying that Drew McIntyre was cast many times and they were wrong.

Intercontinental Championship Fatal 5 Way Contenders Match

Happy Corbin vs Madcap Moss vs Sheamus vs Ricochet vs Sami Zayn

Early in the match, Sami Zayn continues with a Tope Con Hilo, knocking out two opponents, then in the ring he executes a Michinoku Driver on Ricochet and then a Blue Thunder Bomb on Madcap Moss.

During the match, Madcap Moss throws himself onto the ropes, but Sheamus greets him and rings him with a high knee, which isn’t enough.

At the end of the match, Sami Zayn returns to the ring and wrestles Ricochet in the corner with a T-Bone Exploder, then follows up with his Helluvah Kick and then attempts the pinfall, but Corbin intervenes by pulling his leg and setting it … out of the way of danger to the outside world. Happy Corbin comes back in the ring to deal with Ricochet when Sheamus suddenly brogues him for victory in this incredible match.

Winner: Sheamus

– It’s time for the Viking Raiders’ memorial service for the new day. We find Ivar and Erik in a forest performing a ritual ceremony with the appearance of Sarah Logan. Erik says they are here to celebrate past and upcoming battles. They respect New Day members who are true warriors, but they ignored the warnings, so Valhalla is their destination today. The sun will set and it will be the beginning of a new Viking day. A bonfire is lit with New Year’s items.

– Backstage, Liv Morgan tells Kayla Braxton that she is ready to face Shotzi Blackheart tonight. She’s got an injured arm and Shotzi will probably take advantage of that, but she’ll do whatever it takes to win this match while keeping an eye out for Shayna Baszler, who will be her opponent in Clash At The Castle.

– After the commercial break, Shotzi Blackheart tells Kayla Braxton that Liv Morgan is very emotional. She tries to fight while injured. Tonight she will show him what a bad decision it is to fight her.

single game

Liv Morgan vs. Shotzi Blackheart

At the end of the match, Liv Morgan surprises Shotzi Blackheart with a Facebuster, then proceeds with her ObLiVion for a count of three and the win.

Winner: Liv Morgan

After the match, Shayna Baszler goes after Liv Morgan and then pretends to attack her arm, but instead kicks her in the face and leaves.

– Behind the scenes we find Roman Reigns preparing to meet Drew McIntyre, who is also preparing and finds an hourglass in his dressing room. The shadow of Karrion Kross hangs over this face to face.

– Just before the head-to-head, the commentators announce next week’s program including a Ricochet vs. Happy Corbin.

– It’s face-to-face time with the entry of undisputed WWE Champion Roman Reigns. A microphone is given to Roman Reigns, who asks Montreal to recognize him. He says he’s gone every week now and he listens to a lot of shit. He says that anyone who claims to be the face of the company is a liar, especially Drew McIntyre, because there’s only one person who has the company on his back, and his name is Roman Reigns. He says there’s no debate as Drew McIntyre isn’t at his level when suddenly the Scot’s music hits.

Drew says he would have liked to say all that to her face, but like he said he hasn’t really been around lately. He says Roman Reigns has been pulling the strings behind the scenes for several years to remain champions with the help of The Usos and wise man, Paul Heyman. He says that in Clash At The Castle he will take down the tribal chief, but he doesn’t go ahead as Roman Reigns attacks him and a fight ensues. Drew gains the upper hand by sending him flying with a belly to belly overhead suplex and tries his claymore, but Sami Zayn comes out of nowhere to save Roman by taking the hold for him. Roman then wields his Superman Punch and then attempts to finish off the Scot by preparing for the Spear, but Drew surprises him with a Claymore.

The show ends with Drew McIntyre celebrating with both belts.

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