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The radio autumn is characterized by many changes. The press spoke to four hosts who will be taking the helm of a new show.

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Luca Boulanger

Luca Boulanger
The press

Mario Girard

Mario Girard
The press

Marie-Louise Arsenault, electric and versatile


Hostess Marie-Louise Arsenault will be at the helm Everything can happen, Saturdays from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., at the ICI Première, from September 10th.

A new chapter in radio begins this fall with Marie-Louise Arsenault Everything can happen.

After 11 seasons as host The more the merrier, the more we read!starts a new radio chapter with Marie-Louise Arsenault this fall Everything can happen, his new show that airs on Saturdays at the end of the day. The hostess will be surrounded by her accomplice from the start The crazier we are, journalist Jean-Philippe Cipriani, who will give a “very comprehensive” overview of the week’s news. And also a group of musicians (house band) directed by Paul Charles.

A team of regular speakers will discuss various political, social and cultural issues with the host. Nicolas Pham, Irdens Exantus, Raed Hammoud, Mathieu Bélisle, Helen Faradji, Kevin Lambert, Isabelle Craig, Martine St-Victor (the latter will speak about sport) will follow each other at his microphone. “We also want to give lesser-known people a voice to take risks,” says the innkeeper In the mediaat Télé-Québec, who enjoys doing “all kinds of interview concepts.”

In a Radio-Canada press release, Director General for Radio, Audio and Greater Montreal Caroline Jamet writes that the presenter “has a great ability to create Happenings Radio. Her great culture, curiosity and interviewing skills make her an excellent host.”

When the new cultural and social program will look different The crazier we are, it retains a great freedom of tone and content.


Marie-Louise Arsenault moderates the last program of The more the merrier, the more we read!

Radio is a language, it’s a rhythm, it’s a movement of sound. It takes all its relevance with the direct.

Marie Louise Arsenault

In addition, the show’s title refers to the spontaneity, the unexpected live (which she loves!), but also to our post-pandemic time, where actually anything can happen..

Finally, Marie-Louise Arsenault wants her weekly date to be one SNL (Saturday night live) of public service broadcasting, a radio “show” carried by an electrifying atmosphere and enlivened by a creative madness. A show like its animator and designer.

Everything can happenSaturdays from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., from September 10, at ICI Première

Pierre Hébert, the happy tightrope walker


The host is Pierre Hebert Full noon on Rouge FM with Christine Morency.

Comedian and presenter Pierre Hébert is currently experiencing an exuberant time. In between The little tanners and matter of judgementtwo shows he presented on Radio-Canada TV, he created a radio daily presented on Rouge FM.

Accompanied by the very colorful (the word is weak) Christine Morency, he will present Full noon on Rouge FM. This veteran communicator, after years as a contributor to the show Véronique and the Fantastic (he doesn’t leave the show though) will have its own slot.

This show is based on the reality in which the two friends live. She is single and lives in downtown Montreal. He lives in the suburbs. She doesn’t want children, he has three.

“After all, we have a very ordinary life. We want the audience to recognize themselves in our experiences, our observations. We had fun together. I want it to be contagious. »

Pierre Hébert is not afraid of the tandem formula.

Sometimes I hear stories about bad chemistry. I never understood why we didn’t initially put people together who already love each other. That’s the key to a show.

Pierre Herbert

In fact, the idea of ​​this show came from the desire of these two friends who went to the chefs to propose this concept to them.

Christine Morency is known for making remarks that can sometimes grate on the ears and offend certain moral codes. Pierre Hébert is not afraid to walk on eggshells in his presence. “I’m fine with his audacity because I know it’s never to be provoked. She does it with humor and kindness, which means you understand the second degree. »

In all these television and radio projects, Pierre Hébert temporarily puts the stage aside. “I have to admit that it is a dream plan for my family and me. I was often offered to work on morning shows and turned it down. I want to be with my family in the morning and in the evening. »

He therefore only plans to return to the stage in three years. “I’m having a great time professionally and personally. I do programs that I know well and that I’m comfortable with. It doesn’t disturb my life. For the first time in my life, I feel like I’ve found a balance between work and family. »

A few days before the start of this show, Pierre Hébert does not hide his excitement. “We can’t wait to dive. That said, we’re going to be building this show over the weeks. »

Full noonwith Pierre Hébert and Christine Morency, weekdays from 12pm to 1pm, on Rouge FM

A great challenge for Elisabeth Crête


Elisabeth Crête will control the weekend morning shows on 98.5 FM.

The new host of the weekend morning shows at 98.5 FM can no longer stand still. Elisabeth Crête is very eager to grab the microphone Even on weekends accompanied by his accomplice Chantal Lamarre and many associates.

This mandate is a crucial step for whoever listeners have known as the columnist in charge of social networks on the show since January 2021. You have to get up there.

Born in Quebec, Elisabeth Crête quickly understood that the world of communication was made for her. It must be said that she grew up with a father (Alain Crête) who was always immersed in this universe.

After studying in California and Ottawa, she returned to her hometown to pursue her bachelor’s degree and make her FM 93 debut. “I did everything there,” she says. Broadcast, research and co-moderated the morning show for five years. »

Then, in the midst of a pandemic, she joined the show You have to get up there, with Paul Arcand. She was then responsible for reporting on the internet and social media.

Working with the “King of the Waves” was formative for her. “I learned everything from this team. It is driven in a quarter circle. Paul works a lot. He’s not number one for nothing. You want to perform well for him. »

It seems that a passage within Paul Arcand’s team is beneficial for several employees. After Monic Néron and Émilie Perreault, Elisabeth Crête now finds herself with her own show in the niche that until recently was occupied by Paul Houde.

I’m not claiming to replace Paul Houde. He’s not someone to replace, especially not at my age.

Elizabeth Crete

Elisabeth Crête can count on the presence of Chantal Lamarre, who will direct this program. “I wanted her to say yes so badly that when we first met I went into seduction mode. It clicked. »

Elisabeth Crête promises a public affairs program, but with a “weekend tone”. “We have to have fun,” she said. When you drink your coffee on Saturday morning, it’s not like Monday. »

A few days before the start of the show, Elisabeth Crête has a fever. “I dreamed last night that I was on the air and nothing was working. It was a disaster. That is, I want to take my place, but not all the space. I will take what is mine and what I deserve. »

Even on weekendswith Elisabeth Crête, accompanied by Chantal Lamarre, Lise Ravary, Valérie Beaudoin (American Politics), Jérémy Rainville (Sports) and other staff, Saturday and Sunday at 7 a.m. at 98.5 FM

Emilie Perreault, culturally yours!


Émilie Perreault to host Radio-Canada’s new cultural program, culture will always remain.

Beginning September 5, Émilie Perreault will host ICI Radio-Canada Première’s new daily cultural program.

One only has to look at the titles of his books (do useful work, Essential Service) to understand that Émilie Perreault has given herself a life purpose. The journalist and presenter would like to convey to the audience a desire to see and consume culture.

According to her, “creation plays a fundamental role in our daily lives and in our societies”. So we’re hardly surprised to learn that Émilie Perreault’s new show will be her spitting image. Because it will promote francophone culture throughout the country and in all its forms.

There will always be culture airs weekday afternoons on ICI Premiere. The title refers to a quote from the writer Dany Laferrière, who said to our colleague Chantal Guy during the terrible earthquake in Haiti in 2010: “When everything falls, the culture stays! Dany Laferrière will also take part in the first broadcast live from Port-au-Prince on September 5th.


Emily Perreault

I will surround myself with people who are facilitators, culture enthusiasts like me. They will pass on to us their love of books, music, dance, theater and the visual arts.

Emily Perreault

Strictly speaking, there will be no reviews, but guests will provide reviews of the shows or exhibitions presented and put the works in perspective.

For the presenter, who has already worked on Paul Arcand’s programme, “radio is a local medium that makes it possible to have a concrete impact on people’s daily lives”. It is also, in her opinion, the best platform to “enthuse the audience” and get them interested in art.

Émilie Perreault will work with a network of collaborators who rotate every two weeks. Radio-Canada hasn’t announced names yet as the team isn’t complete yet. But we do know that Émilie Perreault is preparing the show in close collaboration with Sylvie Lavoie (cultural club), a director with 30 years of experience at Radio-Canada.

We also know that many creators will meet at his microphone, well-known and lesser-known artists who come to the studio for interviews, reviews or performances. “There will be a literary dominance, says the host, but we will also talk about the living arts. I’m an avid theatergoer, as you know. »

And not just a spectator: Émilie Perreault is also a playwright. Next week she will read her own text publicly, The Consensual Suspension of Disbelief. A solo directed by actress Sophie Cadieux at the Festival Fous de theater in L’Assomption (25, 26 and 27 August).

There will always be cultureweekdays from 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., from September 5, at ICI Première

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