Avatar disappearing from Disney+ (and that’s a bad sign)

Disney+ has just been removed avatar removed from its worldwide catalog for promotional reasons without prior notice.

The cinema phenomenon at the end of this year is just around the corner. Avatar 2: The Waterway marks the return of James Cameron and Pandora in December 2022. Disney, aware of the huge potential of the feature film, is already beginning to pave the way for its theatrical release.. Determined to dethrone the invincible Top Gun: Maverick (which won’t be easy) and challenging Universal’s box office record, it takes more than your average Marvel film to match.

So the company with the big ears relies on a somewhat more unusual advertising strategy to create a real event around James Cameron’s film. Upstream of the second partavatarthe first of the names will be eligible for international release on September 23rd. A brand new version restored in 4K by James Cameron himself.

The latest news is that he is using TrueCut Motion technology to record some of his big hits such as titanic Where avatar. Therefore, to encourage the public to discover this reboot in theaters, Disney+ has temporarily removed the film from its platform.. Note that he should be back in a few months.

A tactic that kills two birds with one stone. In addition to updating and taking advantage of the first part of the franchise, Disney restricts access to one of its most popular films to create additional expectations. Due to the lack ofavatar On all platforms around the world, the company is generating a new reason to be impatient to discover its theatrical restoration and then its sequel.

Note: This is the first time that a streaming platform has blocked access to one of its programs internationally and in a completely arbitrary manner. A precedent that is not trivial because it confirms that in the long term Works that depend on platforms for distribution and accessibility are made dependent on the goodwill of those platforms. Although in the case ofavatarthis corresponds to a very clear commercial logic, disturbing is the fact that Disney was accountable to no one and acted without warning.

Save who can the platforms

Modification of the feature film is another point to remember. By using TrueCut Motion, James Cameron was able to convert his works into HFR (High Frame Rate, i.e. a higher frame rate, a priori from 60 to 120 frames per second) in addition to 4K. In addition, it is not impossible that the filmmaker decides to overhaul some of the visual effects of his films in order to modernize them.like Georges Lucas on his war of stars. If we ignore the merits of such an approach, however, it means that every film on a platform could face an identical fate – whatever the goal.

One more reason to focus more on the physical format so that the works (at least the ones that are important to us) do not lose their immutability. Beyond any passion for collecting, owning DVDs or Blu-rays (e.g. that ofavatar) finally saves us from being dependent on the American streaming giants to be able to watch our films freely.

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