“I have no sex life outside of OnlyFans”: Hélène Boudreau confides in the oral sex podcast

A long-awaited guest on Lysandre Nadeau and Joanie Grenier’s podcast, Hélène Boudreau didn’t disappoint.

Mentioned from the start that she was there as “Hélène Boudreau” and not as “daughter of UQAM”, the one who caused a stir with her famous graduation photo made several sensational revelations.

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The fiery OnlyFans star, who is both vulnerable and funny, opened up about the issue of her sex life, her performance anxiety and her obsession with money, among other things.

“When I have sex, it’s work. I feel the same way,” she explained, notably at the beginning of the interview, specifying that her sudden celebrity changed her perception of her own sexuality.

“I don’t have a sex life outside of OnlyFans. I don’t have a sex life outside of OnlyFans,” she added.

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However, a recent encounter with a well-known porn actor seems to have changed that.

“I’m so work oriented but I wanted to piss off the camera but I was like, ‘Crime, this is going to be a Waste work,” Boudreau shared, showing how obsessed she is with her performance.

However, the actor in question, more experienced, was able to make him realize that an unfilmed sexual relationship is not necessarily wasteful.

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“Let’s see Helen, I’ll fuck you!” Worse, he fucked me on camera and I was like “WOOOW!” she recalled, clearly excited about her experience.

It must be said that the gentleman in question, Jessy Jones, appears to have a sizeable hammer, according to Boudreau.

Also, the filmed anal relationship they later had had undesirable consequences.

“I farted for about 2 days,” candidly recounted the man whose gummy bear saga had sparked a lot of…virtual ink on the Quebec internets.

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Rather than telling you the full interview, we invite you to listen to it for yourself:

There are other shocking quotes, including “Let’s see I sucked a $100 cock!” at around 9:50 p.m., but you’ll have to listen to it in full to get the context.

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