Geneviève Everell shares a moving message to unveil good news

Geneviève Everell had great news to share, and she did it in an absolutely touching way!

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For the past few days, the woman nicknamed Miss Sushi has been teasing her subscribers by telling them that she’s excited about the idea of ​​sharing great news.

Now, on Tuesday evening, it’s finally time for her to reveal what it’s all about: she joins the team of the radio show Véronique et lesfantastiques.

To unveil this beautiful professional news, Geneviève wrote an absolutely touching message in which she believes that life does not happen by chance and that her mother is watching over her like a lucky star. In fact, the businesswoman begins her adventure as a fantastic on August 29th…exactly 12 years after her mother’s death.

“My mother is my beautiful star ⭐️ And of course, there are no coincidences in life. Because I also believe in fate. In tk, if it’s a coincidence, sometimes it’s well done in tabarouette.

On August 16, 2010 I accompanied my mother in her last days of life. She was in a nursing home, stricken with a painful cancer and devastated by the drugs she had been inflicting on herself for years.

It was a beautiful summer day, like today. We had wonderful conversations. I explained to him that it had been almost a year since I had the chance to do radio and ohhhh how much I loved it!!!! I told him that I had also opened a sushi shop in people’s homes. They were the last words she heard me say: that I like doing radio and making sushi.

12 years later, in my hometown, the place where I grew up, the place where I made my own path, the place where I studied at CRTQ Radio (thanks for changing my life).. .Here I announce that I’m going to be awesome. Yes, yes, with Vero and the whole gang! I’ve had chills since the beginning of the day!

Not only was the announcement made in the studio of my dreams, but my first date as Fantastique is August 29th: the day my mother left in 2010. 12 years later… there really is no chance in life.

I am already so grateful that I was chosen. Thanks to Véro, Jonathan Cimon and Félix Turcotte. Pretty sure we’ll have lots of funnnn!

Thank you to my team in the office who saw my happy girls face after they got the text message asking me if I want to be awesome and wondering if I will have time and they did me said: Jump on your dream, we’ll make it all work for sure!!!!! 🥺🥺🥺

Thanks to my lucky stars, my mom!

And thanks to Jessica and Michel for this beautiful radio moment ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

It’s an appointment for me on August 29 at @veroniqueetlesfantastiques ♥️️♥♥️»

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Remember that Geneviève Everell studied radio before opening her home sushi business, restaurants and cookbooks.

A few weeks ago, before she could reveal what her next professional project would be, she shared a 2008 souvenir photo of her behind a microphone. According to legend, she explained how much she missed this medium and how much she was eager to return to her first love.

“Remembering 2008 (Lord Stu Moué or do I have a mini air of Selena Gomez?)

14 years ago I studied to be (in my wildest dreams) a radio host or columnist or Miss Weather ☀️

Pennyless, a small job at a sushi restaurant, in an apartment since I was 15, which is equivalent to high school 5, I came to Desjardins to apply for a student loan to study radio and television at the CRTQ . The lady at the cash register asks me what the % chance is of finding a job in this field… I…
I’m like… I dunno ma’am, but I’ll work hard. Eventually (thanks to my good credit from the peak of my 22 years) I am accepted for the loan. I just can’t believe it. It was the beginning of a potentially beautiful life for me. I told myself that I would like to do conferences and radio. I had great teachers. I even caught up in the evenings to improve my French and I recorded the fds in the studio to make demos for myself. A freedom that gave me self-confidence and above all a band of wonderful friends. After my studies I did radio for 3 years.
1 year in Penetanguishene
1 year at CJFO and CKOI Gatineau Ottawa and
1 year at FM 103.3
And in 2012 I dropped everything to start SUSHI AT HOME.

I’m excited because I’ve built something amazing over the last 10 years and had time to visit a few mics to do interviews, write reviews, but in a month… to the day or almost… I’m going back to my first love and I’ve been pinching myself every day since I signed this AMAZING contract! I’ll say no more… I don’t have the right yet… But I’ve never looked forward to the end of summer so much!

From August 29th we will be able to hear Geneviève Everell sporadically as Fantastic.

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