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In her rocking new work, out in bookstores this Wednesday, the Belgian star author stages the fused relationship between two sisters, aggravated by indifferent parents who shouldn’t have been. Especially between the lines sisters bookwe perceive some sensitive chords of the author, who was kind enough to make them vibrate in our society.

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Sylvain Sarrazin

Sylvain Sarrazin
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At the beginning there is this crazy love between Nora and Florent, a couple that is as bizarre as it is hermetic. From this union, more out of social obligation than genuine desire, Tristane and Laetitia were born. In the absence of parental consideration, the two sisters can only rely on their skills, their ingenuity, the tolerance of their cousin Cosette, but above all on an unwavering sisterly complicity. To embark on the highway of life, they also bet very heavily on the hoops, their rock group destined to leave their mark on the musical landscape – a route punctuated by intersections, ramps and exits. Nothing to shake the inseparable unity of the cheeky female duo, portrayed with the whimsical style that typifies Nothomb, who wanted a year after an overwhelming tribute to his father (first blood), sing an ode to the inseparable sisters of this world.

“What was important to me above all was to describe the love that can unite two sisters, what this merging relationship can do as a consequence in a life, even though I know that it is not like that between all sisters “universe”, admits the author and specifies that she has inseparable bonds with her older sister – however, the novel does not describe her specific story, but rather seeks to recreate the intensity of a love so strong that it crowds out his eyes, those of a soul mate.

I experience other forms of love, but I am very shaped by the one I have experienced with my sister since I was born. It is even stronger than parental love and even stronger than amorous love.

Amelie Nothomb

Rock solid links

Tristane and Laetitia will be all the more united as their parents seem to ignore them superbly, as “fortresses of parents” as described by Amélie Nothomb, who wants to assure us: theirs were loving.

Luckily there’s Tyres, a mind-blowing musical project and main focus of the protagonists. And the choice of a rock repertoire is not insignificant, since the author admits to liking rich guitars. “At my funeral, I want the song to be played Laterally the Metalband Tool, it’s going to be a great ceremony, I recommend you to be there! ‘ projects the one who would rather have been a rock star than a literary star. “I would have much rather been a rocker than a writer. There’s something so powerful about the relationship between a rock singer and his audience. Unfortunately, you don’t choose your talent, but it’s not so bad to be a writer who also has the approval of the public,” she admits.

complexes and complexity

“Words have the power we give them,” is remembered in Abyss in this touching story; a double-edged power, both saving and destroying. Thus, from an early age, Tristane drags with him, like a ball and chain, a complex linked to his glasses, which is sustained by silence and the words of others and then resolved. Amélie Nothomb would she have been confronted with a few little pangs of conscience? “One unfortunate word, even spoken by the most well-meaning parents in the world, can have harmful effects,” points out the woman who has long mistakenly believed her parents didn’t think she was pretty.

In the case of Tristane, her mother’s tragedy is that she feels absolutely nothing but her husband’s love, and this emptiness degenerates into genuine cruelty.

Amelie Nothomb

And his Belgianness? Could she have been a stumbling block for this scholar conquering France? “I had to fight against it, but it went quite well for me,” she says. The confrontations took place mainly with his publishers, who hallucinated Belgians in his idioms, while these came more from his very particular style. “All the proofreaders said, ‘Maybe they say something like that in Belgium, but not in France,’ and every time I replied, ‘But it’s not Belgian… it’s Amélie Nothomb!'” Despite this, she remains a passionate advocate of specifically Belgian words, including her favorite words ‘brol’ (barda, bazaar) and ‘toyette’ (who likes to play) which she would like to see flourish in France.

Another noticeable chord The Sisters Book : Cousin Cosette’s anorexia, which leads to an unexpected tragicomic ending. An evil so aptly described that one suspects that the author, who has often taken up the subject in earlier writings, has already grappled with it. “As a teenager, I was extremely anorexic and almost died from it,” she confirms. It’s a true miracle that I survived. So I also wanted to remind you that it can kill. “And dying in the unexpected way described in the book ‘seems to me an excellent metaphor for anorexia,’ judges the novelist.

Even for those who didn’t know, Sister Love was to have a special resonance under the pen of this uncategorized writer, and very rock ‘n’ roll.

The Sisters Book

The Sisters Book

196 pages

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