Celine Dion sells her luxury villa for the insane price of 38.5 million euros, here are the photos!

Is Celine Dion better? That’s the big question. While her health has worried fans for months, behind-the-scenes rumors are circulating that she is preparing for her big comeback in Las Vegas. In the meantime, she sold her magnificent mansion, which her husband had put up for sale in 2013. While asking for more than 70 million euros, the house was eventually sold for the sum of 38.5 million euros.

Celine Dion is finally selling her magnificent mansion

Even before the birth of her twins, the singer bought this magnificent villa in Florida with her husband René. Specifically, this home has 13 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a tennis court, three swimming pools, a golf course… There is much to do. And for those who simply want to enjoy the beauty of the place, the villa offers a magnificent view of the sea as it is located directly on the beach. The two lovers buy the villa in 2010, but three years later they decide to put it up for sale. It will be almost a decade before the villa is finally sold. But while Celine Dion had expected 72.5 million euros, it finally decided on 38.5 million euros. The anonymous buyer got a good deal.

Celine Dion rests in this house when she is not feeling well. And if it was René and she who wanted to sell it when the producer was still alive, we can imagine that there are so many memories in this villa that she would rather part with it. It is now done for the one who would currently be preparing her big comeback. So Info or Intox?

Is Celine Dion still the worst?

Celine Dion’s health has worried her fans for months. They ask themselves: How is she? It all starts in 2021 with a message posted on social networks: “ I feel terrible for letting them down and I’m especially sorry to disappoint all the fans who had planned to come to Las Vegas. Now I have to focus on my health to get better as soon as possible… I want to get out of this situation as soon as possible “. A message that leaves a lot of room for interpretation. But what does the singer suffer from so much that she moves away from what she loves most, the stage?

Nobody knows. If some people are quick to say that she suffers from the side effects of the Pfizer vaccine (she has been promoting it as she has encouraged fans to get vaccinated), no formalization is made. All fans know that concerts are always postponed. It’s finally Claudette, her sister, who breaks the silence to spread news about the superstar.

Reassuring news?

Claudette wants to calm fans’ fears. She tries to reassure them by first saying that in Celine Dion’s entourage, nobody is worried. ” If it had been extremely serious, we would know.“. She justifies the communication about the health of the star: “ The discourse is not to speak about it because it is more serious than it is heard: that is not the discourse. We know she’s well surrounded, she’s intelligent, and we’re not worried “.

Celine Dion’s relatives agree to say the same. As we know, the singer has been working for years without really resting. And today her body is failing her. He makes it clear to her that she needs to rest. He then imposes this calm on him.

I think she was pushing a little hard and her muscles are talking to her. Céline wants to give more than the machine allows (…) This isn’t the first time this has happened to her. She needs to take short days off, learn to listen to herself and not put too much strain on her machine.. ‘ says Claudette.

But today Celine Dion would finally be feeling better and she would soon be ready to hit the stage. We wish him!

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