Back to School | Five tips to get away with it cheaply

Although the inflation rate has fallen slightly, it remains high. And it’s reflected everywhere. Also in your child’s backpack. On the eve of the new school year, here are five tips to get off on the cheap.

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Stephanie Berube

Stephanie Berube
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Buy wholesale

Some items come back year after year. Loose-leaf for example. Marjorie Simard always plans to keep a small supply of these supplies and buys them throughout the year whenever a price is particularly cheap. “It avoids having to hop in the car at the last minute one night because a duo-tang is missing,” she says.

Don’t ignore lost items

Simple advice, but one not often followed, says Marjorie Simard, who is surprised at how many unrecovered items are seen in the schools she attends as a support teacher.

Save by trading

It’s a great way to bring something new without spending a penny, says Jessica Laflamme. The Do more with less founder recommends talking to co-workers, friends and family, because many parents have gorgeous lunch boxes just waiting for a second life. The advice also applies to clothing.

Discover community resources

“Even middle-class people are struggling to get there right now,” says Johanne Le Blanc, budget adviser at Option Consommateurs, which directs some of its clients to community services that many are discovering. Food banks for example. The number 211 makes it possible to discover the resources on offer and according to what criteria. Organizations are currently distributing backpacks and school supplies. There, too, the start of the 2022 school year is proving difficult. Sun Youth announced last week that it lacked resources to meet demand.

Save where possible

Back-to-school expenses are compulsory, trips are not. Financial planner Johanne Le Blanc recommends exploring free activities in your city or neighborhood this fall. There are many and those who have never done it will be surprised at what is on offer. For children, the outdoor cinema at the end of the summer or the picnic are outings that are worth many others whose bill would be much higher, she says.

And now… the lunch!


Marilyn Gagne

Because after the back-to-school shopping, the lunch party begins. Marilyne Gagné runs the discount stores in the big chains and presents capsules for preparing meals at low prices. Miss Econome’s Instagram account is simple, totally guilt-free and frankly very friendly – the can of tuna is welcome there! “I started it because I was in debt,” says Marilyne Gagné, who met with a planner to realize she could handle the family finances much better. “I want to eat well, but not expensively,” she says. Result: Her first thoughtful grocery store saved her $66. Such a sum, saved every week for a year, do the math! Since then she has shared her tips and made Miss Bursar her career. We especially liked the capsule, where it makes its first pizza dough without repetition, succeeds, and proves that it’s easy to save money without sacrificing taste. Neither pleasure!

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