Jeff Bezos at the premiere of the Lord of the Rings series

(Los Angeles) It has been called the most expensive series in the world, but Amazon, the producer of the Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Powercalled the billion-dollar budget “a bargain” at the world premiere Monday night in Los Angeles in the presence of CEO Jeff Bezos.

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The series, which launches September 2 on the Amazon platform, is believed to be a personal obsession of Mr. Bezos, the multi-billionaire and founder of the online shopping site that launched in the US stream.

The ambitious adaptation of the universe created by JRR Tolkien in his novels began when Amazon Prime bought the rights for $250 million about five years ago.

The series plans five seasons, each lasting ten hours.

Jeff Bezos joined the show’s stars and producers Monday night at Culver Studios in Los Angeles, where the first two episodes were screened before a grand light show featuring dozens of lit-up drones.

Producer Lindsey Weber called the billion-dollar budget “a very memorable headline that people love to talk about,” but promised viewers would “see that the money is really on screen.”

The show’s staggering cost is explained by “the build-up of five seasons,” she told AFP from the red carpet.

“If you look at what it costs in comparison to make a feature film, that’s a really good deal,” she added, referring to the blockbusters Mega budget from Hollywood’s most renowned studios.

The Rings of Power is set 4,000 years before Peter Jackson’s film trilogy and the original books, in a “Second Age,” a fictional historical period of the universe invented by Tolkien and about which he gave relatively little detail.

The cast of the series is relatively unknown worldwide.

Morfydd Clark and Robert Aramayo play heavily rejuvenated versions of Galadriel and Elrond, characters already familiar to fans of the films. Lord of the rings.

“It’s an epic adventure story with universal themes and there’s a lot of love behind it – we all worked very, very hard on it and I hope people enjoy it,” commented Robert Aramayo at Monday’s premiere.

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