Hello police in Vrak!

When we think of Vrak, we think of hutat Jeremiahat F codeat G code or by (fire) KARV Gala. Forget the “young” stuff, yo. Bell Media’s specialty channel is now aimed at adults, fueled by series populated by cops, firefighters and first responders.

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That’s the Holy Trinity of 3Ps on TV, distinct from the delicious trio of 3Ps in gastronomy, which are pasta, bread and potatoes. Yes, the bosses of Vrak considered changing the name of their station to better reflect their mature turn that was completed last spring. But the Vrak brand, which has been around since 2001, still has a very strong response from subscribers. It will therefore remain intact, unchanged, Vrak for life, Vrak for life.

The cop-doctor-sapper niche doesn’t ring off the hook — turn on the sirens here — like the thunderous programming of competing stations like Addik (coroner, Chicago fire, gossip), Series Plus (Blue blood, FBI, NCIS) or max (Dright a house, Bone). Nevertheless. With his cops and paramedics, Vrak has more than doubled his audience, says Suzane Landry, vice president of programming and information at Bell Media. Fun fact: The average age of Vrak customers is now 46. We are far from Radio-Enfer and Canal Famille.

Starting next week, Vrak will be showing award-winning, powerful series that have been wowing Crave service subscribers for the past few months.

I think about Yellow jackets (13.september), east town with Kate Winslet (August 24) or landscaper with Olivia Colman (November 22). The third season of transplanted starts on Wednesday, October 12 at 9 p.m.

Fans of bickering and twists, don’t pull your bleached hair out. Vrak remains the drop-off point for extras and unreleaseddouble cast (return: September 12) or Big Brother Celebrities 3 (in January).

Even if the sun is still shining in our pools with all its rays, the specialized channels have slowly made their comeback (argh!) ahead of the big boom of traditional antennas planned for the week of September 12th.


Mélissa Bédard realizes a dream by buying her first home in an aptly titled documentary my first house aired on Canal Vie.

Opposite Canal Vie, singer and actress Mélissa Bédard realizes a dream by buying her first home in an aptly titled documentary my first houseduh, which starts Tuesday 23rd August at 7:30pm Expect quite a mess with six kids under one (renovated, of course) roof.

in the A new day (August 22) we meet trans people preparing for gender affirmation surgery at Montreal’s GrS Hospital, a complex specialized in this type of surgery.

in the wandering hearts (November 2) we follow the love story—rather than disaster—of couples where one of the members lives abroad or is about to settle in Quebec. If you lack authority with Pitou or Minou, don’t miss it animal superheroes (27 August) where animal experts share their tips for living harmoniously with our furry friends.


In the series wandering heartswe will follow the story of love – not disaster – of couples in which one of the members lives abroad or is preparing to settle in Quebec.

Most Canal Vie classics are all back on the programme, including The family is in the meadow (October 13), The Groulx family (eldest Tristan is moving on November 10th) and butt couples (24 August), which welcomes newcomer Stéphane Fallu.

Saucette in Canal D where the documentaries will be unveiled movie beasts Thursday September 15 at 7:30 p.m. Concept? super easy. We turn the camera to Jean Cardinal, 70, who is training animals (grizzly, lynx, wolf) for filming in Sainte-Anne-de-la-Rochelle in the Eastern Townships.

The documentary series pray for us (26 August) focuses on sexual assaults by clergy in Quebec. I came close to death (August 23) needs no lengthy explanations. Channel D is also resuming its antenna Corruption: The Charbonneau Commission’s shocking revelations, which was first broadcast on the Crave platform. The “real crime” Presumably innocent: The France-Alain affair will be released on November 25th.

Courage, dear readers, this shopping list ends with an overview of the titles of the station Z.

On November 16, comedian Christine Morency comes with a behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of her first solo show. The name : Christine Morency with no filter.


In his show, comedian Rémi-Pierre Paquin welcomes several of his friends from the Union des Artistes (UDA) to his second home in Saint-Jean-des-Piles, in the Mauricie department In Rémi’s hut.

The fans of Put everything together Find the antics of Dominic Paquet on Wednesdays from August 24th at 8:30pm now on Z. The first three seasons aired on V/Noovo.

Finally clean In Rémi’s hut (September 7th), comedian Rémi-Pierre Paquin welcomes some of his friends from the Union des Artistes (UDA) to his second home in Saint-Jean-des-Piles, in the Mauricie department. On the menu of Julie Le Breton, Fabien Cloutier and Co.: fishing, snowmobiling, boating, ice skating or helicopter rides in an atmosphere of real camaraderie.

OK, now it’s official. I write like a bar writer. Add the phrases “crazy”, “accomplice giggles” and “intimate atmosphere” in the previous description, and the promotional brochure is complete, thank you.

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