Domestic violence: Elisabeth Rioux’s ex-spouse remains in prison

The ex-spouse of businesswoman and influencer Elisabeth Rioux will not be released after a sixth of her sentence due to a lack of rehabilitation efforts.

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“They did not take any serious therapeutic measures prior to imprisonment. You do not provide any information that would lead you to believe that your care could begin during the release measure you are requesting,” read the Commission Québécoise des libérations conditionnelles decision on Bryan McCormick.

McCormick, 29, was sentenced to six months in prison earlier this summer for assaulting Rioux, even while pregnant with her child.

Domestic violence: Elisabeth Rioux's ex-spouse remains in prison

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Violent and controlling

In order to control the influencer, he had attacked her between 13 and 15 times in a single year. Among other things, he squeezed her arms, pressed her head against the walls, and threatened to kill her, burn her alive, or even shoot her in the head.

McCormick was violent, not shying away from destroying property or hitting walls hard enough to pierce them.

“The violence you used is not situational or circumstantial,” the commissioners noted during Tuesday’s hearing. You made a conscious decision to use violence against your intimate partner in order to control your marital environment. The crimes are objectively serious and likely to have significant consequences for the victim.

Elizabeth Rioux

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Elizabeth Rioux

Too dangerous

Despite his gestures, McCormick yesterday claimed he was “not a violent person”. But while he said he takes “full responsibility” for his actions, he then had mixed words. Among other things, he claimed that an injury to his ex-wife’s lip was caused simply “by a kiss”.

“You tackle and say that there are two sides of the coin,” says the decision.

Even if one reviewer recommended a sixth-sentence early release, the commissioners felt McCormick should remain incarcerated so that he shows a “sincere motivation to invest in real change.”

“Taking into account all elements of the file […]”The Commission considers that the risk of recidivism you have presented is unacceptable, taking into account the need to protect the public,” the decision reads.


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