Bell Media: 25 years for Canal Vie and a confirmed change of direction for VRAK

Change of course for VRAK, new original productions, reality docuseries galore and the 25the Canal Vie’s anniversary marks the autumn program of Bell Media’s specialty channels, which was unveiled on Tuesday.

Canal Vie celebrates a quarter of a century this year and remains the number one lifestyle channel for women aged 25-54.

She will also join the world of Mélissa Bedard and her family with the show this fall my first housewhich will be broadcast from next Tuesday, while the next day, next Wednesday, will be the presentation of the second season of butt couples.

Also, two new reality docuseries are coming in November, viz wandering heartswhich follows the daily lives of couples where one of the spouses has just arrived in Canada or is preparing to arrive, and boundless lovewhich follows the journey of people who live differently and have registered with a dating agency.

Kim Rusk will host later this year surviving pairsa survival show featuring troubled couples, while Marie-Josée Gauvin will direct the documentary series currently being filmed, i lost my baby, to perinatal bereavement. There will also be a second season D daythis time interested in renovating a hotel on the Magdalen Islands that Julie Snyder bought.

New twist for VRAK

VRAK’s shift, which began in the spring, is confirmed this year with programming that was quite a distance from what Vrak.TV was offering back then, before Bell bought Astral’s bad channel in 2014. This time, the Network is opting for a “more targeted.” Proposal and more adult and suspected content, which essentially includes legal, medical and police fiction series.

The network will present the popular titles in particular east town with Kate Winslet, landscaper with Olivia Colman, Yellow jackets with Sophie Nélisse and the second and third seasons of transplanted, with Laurence Leboeuf. This summer, VRAK more than doubled its audience.

Documentary reality in the foreground

From RDS to Canal D, every Bell Media specialty channel will have its share of documentaries this fall.

Christine Morency will have her documentary reality on Z from mid-November. In preparation for his first “one-woman show,” the comedian is tackling Christie Morency: no filter open the door to his creative process and all the hard work behind building a first show. In particular, the series will feature the rehearsals, the burglary, the trials and errors, the doubts, the shootings, and others.

“When I was a young woman and dreamed of being a comedian, I would have understood that it was first and foremost a job and it would have scared me less if I had seen a documentary like this,” the comedian and host pointed out , Tuesday, at the unveiling of the program.

Then, in September, Rémi-Pierre Paquin received his friends In Rémi’s hutaired on Z

For its part, Canal D will give a voice to victims of clergy sex abuse, as well as suspected attackers pray for us, series aired next Friday. The network will also be broadcasting new releases this fall I came close to death, movie beasts and Corruption: the shocking revelations of the Charbonneau Commission.

There will also be a sixth season of The Groulx family and a third for The family is in the meadowas well as new A new day and animal superheroesat Canal Life.

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