AEW: Dynamite live on RDS starting August 24th

From Wednesday August 24, 2022Sports Network (RDS) will broadcast All Elite Wrestling’s (AEW) weekly show Dynamite live with French commentary for Quebec wrestling fans.

Airing Wednesday nights in the United States since October 2, 2019, AEW’s flagship show continues to surge in popularity and RDS is excited to return to professional wrestling on television and online.

Because this return of French wrestling to the big RDS family brings with it a dose of innovation.


In fact, Dynamite will be broadcast live on for RDS subscribers starting August 24th from 8pm to 10pm. If schedule allows, the show will also be broadcast live on RDS or RDS2, otherwise, in addition to possible midweek repeats, a broadcast will be scheduled slightly later on Wednesday evening.

For example, the August 24 premiere will be broadcast live simultaneously on and RDS2.

So short… Live broadcast every Wednesday from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m
RDS/RDS2 on TV: live if the network allows, otherwise later in the evening will be your go-to place for wrestling news and all the latest news regarding AEW’s broadcast on RDS. RDS Wrestling’s Facebook page will also be more active with this return to the air, as will wrestling podcast Le Petit Paquet.

In the animation, Stéphane Morneau and Benoît Cossette will take over the collar after the three years of broadcasting the ring of honor and the IWS on the airwaves of RDS before the forced stop by COVID-19. Unlike this previous appointment, Dynamite takes place every week and not once a month.

For his part, Jean-François Kelly will make a special contribution to the show and have a few surprises up his sleeve.

Dynamite at RDS

As for the broadcast of Dynamite on and RDS television, it will be an identical version to the version produced in the United States, except for the presence of French-speaking commentators instead of the AEW broadcast crew.

Since everything will be live, there will be no cuts or removed segments. According to the team behind the Quebec production, it was imperative not to present a watered down version of this growing company. For provincial wrestling fans, the team that aired Dynamite wanted it all or nothing and it’s finally a reality: RDS will be All Elite starting August 24th.

This announcement comes in addition to AEW coming to Canada for the first time in its history next October.

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