Savings of $2,000 per year by choosing your grocery store wisely

As Statistics Canada releases the country’s new inflation figures this morning, a new study shows that knowing where to buy groceries can save you big.

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“Be loyal to Super C and Walmart. You’ll pay less throughout the year if you always do your grocery shopping with these two brands.” protect yourselfMarie Noelle Lajoie.

Quebec Magazine analyzed the price of 49 basic products – canola oil, romaine lettuce, cheddar cheese, peanut butter – during 56 visits to the six largest supermarket chains.

Marie Noelle Lajoie.  Spokesman for Protect Yourself

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Marie Noelle Lajoie. Spokesman for Protect Yourself

When purchasing national brands, the shopping cart is $242 at Walmart and $286 at Metro plus. For economy brands, the basket costs $201 extra for Super C and $243 for IGA.

Provigo, IGA and Metro are at the bottom in both cases, while Maxi is close behind Super C.

The price difference identified by protect yourself equates to a $2,070 reduction in grocery bills per year when you shop at the right places.

Costco and Dollarama are not part of the list as several products or major brands are not found there.

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Interestingly, the magazine recommends not running the specials from place to place and sticking to one brand. For the economic basket at $201, the exercise would have saved at most $5.

“If you factor in the price of gas, it’s not much that moving from one place to another would have cost us. It is therefore better to choose your supermarket based on the discounts of the week and stick to a single visit,” the report reads.

protect yourself had conducted a similar analysis in 2016 and 2019, which allowed the magazine’s team to identify another rising trend: “reduflation.”

In 13% of cases the product has decreased in size – for example all cheeses have increased from 460g to 400g – and are sold at the same price or even more.

Whether the product has shrunk or not, many customers will notice the difference.

“Meat in particular is cheaper in the Super C,” says Manuel Barroso, 62, in front of the Super C on Boulevard des Laurentides in Laval.

The school janitor “just can’t afford to go anywhere else,” which is “more so than ever” given high inflation.

shopping cart costs Food in the main banners

  • Walmart: $242
  • SuperC: $247
  • Maxi and Co.: $250
  • Provigo the market: $280
  • Additional IGA: $282
  • metro plus: $286

Source: Protect yourself

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