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Isabel Mass

Isabel Mass
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The survey

Because of a colleague

You can leave a company for a boss. But also because of my colleagues. In a BonBoss.ca poll, when asked, “In the last six months, have you considered leaving work because of a relationship?” 11% said yes because of a colleague and 16% both because of a colleague or manager. “Often we read: We’re leaving a manager and not an organization,” notes Jenny Ouellette, co-founder of BonBoss.ca. I find that the decision to quit a job is filled with factors. Yes, abusive, leadershipless, unfair, non-listening, or narcissistic managers are reasons to run away at high speed. But is that the main reason? Is it more relationships that make up our daily work? An organization could seriously examine the relationship between colleagues and the supervisor to respond to motivation and loyalty. So many people pay attention to pay, four-day weeks, and other factors. We already have tools and solutions for working conditions. If we want change, we must look at the human factor and its relationships. »

the thing

Discarded prejudices

You won’t be successful in hiring because you want to diversify your workforce or you don’t have the right tools to do so. forbes proposes five measures to avoid discriminatory practices that go beyond the implementation of company policies: abolish referencing programs to avoid homogeneity of applications; First, increasing diversity in HR departments among those who hire; Provide ongoing training on diversity and prejudice to hiring employees; Make connections with various organizations, NPOs and institutions where there are minority groups; During the interview, assess the candidate’s openness to diversity using specific questions or scenarios.

Source : forbes

Who said?

  • Who said,


    Who said, “If we stick with the traditional model, investing in land in the metaverse is the dumbest thing there is because the scope is unlimited. What’s a prime location on the edge of a coveted road worth in a universe where you can teleport? »

  • ANSWER: Businessman Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks (basketball)


    ANSWER: Businessman Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks (basketball)


The number


This is the percentage of Canadian workers who admit they don’t pay much attention to their paycheck (income, deductions…) according to a study by Payments Canada. About 47% of Canadians value social media and the weather more than their payment details. And nearly a quarter (23%) would feel uncomfortable asking their manager for salary details. “Paper checks are becoming increasingly obsolete as most Canadians are now paid electronically via direct deposit,” said Kristina Logue, Payments Canada’s chief financial officer, in a statement. “As employers use simpler and more convenient payment methods to compensate their employees, many Canadians are silently struggling to decipher their pay details and just hope there aren’t any mistakes. . This is a great opportunity for employers to help their employees identify and better understand the elements of their payroll. »

The quote


Joanie Couillard, leader of the architecture, branding and design advisory group at lg2 architecture.

It’s not enough to have a room with bean bags for people to suddenly start being creative.

Joanie Couillard, Director, Architecture, Branding and Design Consulting Group, lg2 architecture and trainer at Infopresse, on the role of offices after the pandemic

(Source: Infopresse training course)


Not for you

Getting into business is riddled with obstacles. Nice and bad surprises. To avoid certain pitfalls, entrepreneur proposes, in particular, to start from a simple principle: do not start by creating a service or product that we ourselves want, but that consumers want. “You have to ask yourself from the start: Who is going to use your product and why? If you can’t answer it simply, it means one of two things: you need to continue your market research or there is no demand for your product. »

Source : entrepreneur

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