At the hospital, Jean-Pierre Ferland is fine

Jean-Pierre Ferland is doing well. The 88-year-old singer, who was taken to hospital on Monday with a minor illness, is set to be discharged shortly.

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“He’s fine and his life is not in danger,” said Julie-Anne Saumure, Jean-Pierre Ferland’s wife. The singer is currently in hospital to have blood drained from his lungs after falling at home two months ago. His wife estimates he will be home this week.

A stupid accident

Reached by phone from the Journal on Tuesday, Jean-Pierre Ferland’s longtime wife insisted on the “non-dramatic” aspect of her famous lover’s hospitalization.

“It’s not a big deal, we just have to remove the blood that has formed around his lungs,” she said. It’s really not dramatic, he didn’t have a stroke or anything like that. Besides, it was such a stupid accident. »

This silly accident happened on June 24th, the birthday of the singer of Une chance qu’on s’a. He tripped over a pile of clothes lying on the ground and fell, breaking two ribs.

“Because he was in pain, we went to the hospital the next evening,” his wife continues. They took an X-ray and he had two broken ribs. He took it easy, he was a bit tired and two days later he was sitting on his lawn tractor (laughs). Jean-Pierre is made of iron! »

2 months later

Two months later, the singer noticed a change in his breath and voice that was never the same. He returned to the hospital on Monday.

“He was having trouble breathing because the blood had been pooling around his lungs for two months and we didn’t know,” his lover continues. The blood is being drawn at the hospital right now and after that everything will be fine, it will be like new. Already he doesn’t even have a hoarse voice or shortness of breath like yesterday. »

Jean-Pierre Ferland has therefore already regained his voice, form and morale, even if like many others he hates being in the hospital. He will even be able to sing for the wedding anniversary next week according to his schedule and is already looking forward to getting back on stage.

If the news of Jean-Pierre Ferland’s hospitalization quickly became public, it was a lady who was in the same hospital and saw the singer that it was appropriate to share the news on Twitter.

“He’s doing really well,” said the singer, who often accompanies her spouse on stage. He was singing this morning, his breath came back!”

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