United States | A house in the shape of a guitar

Well-heeled investors or eccentric music lovers wanted: In Georgia, USA, a home in the shape of a guitar is currently for sale.

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William Theriault

William Theriault
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For $789,000, you could get your hands on a house that looks like an acoustic guitar in almost every way from the air. It is located in Fayetteville, a community of nearly 20,000 people, and has an area of ​​3122 square feet. There are five bedrooms and four bathrooms.

Sales agent Jane Piven added in an interview that the home is in a residential area “outside the city center limits.” The official announcement on the Zillow website mentions that if the buyer ever decides to convert the residence into an Airbnb, it is possible to sublet the property to three different groups of people.

The question naturally arises: is this house guitar functional despite its shape? “Extensive renovations have been done in the last three to five years,” notes Fraume piven However, there is still a lot to do: One of the showers in particular needs to be renovated. “A kitchen has not yet been installed, but otherwise the house is turnkey,” she continues.

There is an older fireplace in the basement which can be left as is for a warmer touch or renovated for a more modern look.


The house was designed by a country singer.


The guitar house has been up for sale on the US real estate market since early July. Although there is about one visit a week, potential buyers seem reluctant.

The guitar is a really strange and difficult concept to tame. People are skeptical about living there.

Jane Piven, broker

Built in 1986, the building was designed by local country singer Elvis L. Carden. He even lived there for a while before selling it to other people.

Mme Piven assures that the roof, which according to comments on social networks seems fragile, is very solid. “The material is a normal composite material,” she explains. It is the color that gives you the impression of fragility. It was recently replaced. »


The house has five bedrooms and four bathrooms.

Given the fact that the house may be difficult to sell to private individuals, the owner now wants to “contact investors in New York or Los Angeles, for example, who could have a good vision”.

“It’s 10-15 minutes from an international airport,” adds Jane Piven. If people come to Georgia and want to see something great, they could sleep a few nights in this house. There are three places for simultaneous rentals, so it is very convenient. Or a really crazy local country shopper who may have heard of the singer might want to surround himself with his universe. »

Although the price is above the US market average, the current owner is “open to suggestions or negotiations with the right buyer.”

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