Saskia Thuot makes rare secrets about her couple

As she says herself, Saskia Thuot is a fulfilled woman. Two beautiful children, an inspiring love story, a career that is going very well… The hostess is preparing to reach the milestone of fifty next March, which to her is just a number. It was on a beautiful sunny day at her house, by her swimming pool, that I was able to reconnect with Saskia. “I like my house, I feel good there. As long as my kids are with me, I don’t want to sell. I’m happy when a lot of people are here,” she says.

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Saskia, on the good news, your show Good come back next season!
Yes, for a sixth year and I’m very happy about that. This show came into my life quite by accident six years ago, in April, when I was just finishing decorate your life after 16 years. I had almost nothing planned and it was producer Isabelle Boutin who contacted me for this project. I remember telling myself that having the chance to do projects that take a long time, I would celebrate my 50th birthday by working on it Good. I’m extremely excited! This show is aptly named. It’s half an hour of happiness and pleasure. We learn, question ourselves and laugh a lot. I’m very proud to say that all of our guests want to come back on set. It’s really great! I love it because I am very interested in everything to do with well-being.

What do you remember from all of those encounters on the show?
Most of all, I remember the contribution of all the professionals – sociologists, sexologists, psychologists – who came to the show. One day we received Frédérick De Grandpré, who loves philosophy, and we were able to video chat with the philosopher Frédéric Lenoir live from his home in Provence. There have been many fun times over the years. I learn many things; it is enriching.

Her son Laurence is now 17 and recently had his prom…
He’s pretty, huh? He graduated from high school and I’m very proud of him. I speak a lot about the passage of time and it overwhelms me every day to see my children grow up. I can still see Laurence when he started school… Today he is taller than me and his father and he also has a big heart and a big head. We gave her the best of us, like my daughter, even if we’re not always at our best because no parent is perfect. I have a good relationship with my children, I am proud of what I have sown in their hearts.

Tell me about your daughter. Did you fly to New York with her?
On her birthday two years ago I was supposed to take her to New York. But the pandemic came and I canceled everything. I am very happy to share this experience with her two years later, now that she is 14 years old. We had a great trip. We did the classics: the Central Park bike tour, the locations where many TV shows were filmed, the bus tour, the Statue of Liberty, etc. We really enjoyed ourselves, we got paid, we had fun and we laughed a lot. I think this first four-day mother-daughter trip brought us a lot closer.

You were talking about the passage of time… One of your relatives recently died, didn’t they?
Pascal was my boyfriend’s best friend and business partner. When I knew Dominick, I knew Pascal by circumstance. We had dinner and I became friends with his wife, Chantal, and his daughter. I was close to them. It was quite a shock that he died suddenly just over a month ago. He was only 54 years old. When it’s happening around us, we project ourselves into it a little bit, even if there’s nothing quite like the pain that people around us are going through. But I think all people do that: we tell ourselves that this can happen to us. It puts a lot of things in perspective. On the other hand, I don’t feel a greater urge to live, because I already have it in me: I’m four hundred thousand percent alive. I don’t do half deals. And I’m the type to let things go. i am a little carefreeand it’s valuable.

Behind the animator in you is also a business woman who is taking up more and more space?
A few years ago I started the decoration shop on my website because I love everything that has to do with decoration. In life I am spontaneous and when I love, I love automatically. So I started naturally, without making a business plan, and I realized that it’s something, e-commerce! Then Balmy came into my life a little over a year ago. It’s a collection of towels. There is also the Art of Living collection for the home. These are exceptional products handwoven in Turkey. I knew the founder of Balmy and she told me one day that she was going back to school. Since she wanted to sell her business, I bought her in spring 2021 because I just loved her. I’m slowly building it up. It’s a daily job and it’s going well. I have a team that helps me. On my site you will find the boutiques, the blog and the jewelry collection.

You must be proud to have added this string to your bow?
Yes I love that! But running a business takes a lot of hard work and thought. It leads me to discover other things and it makes me grow. I have even more respect for all the people who are in the business. I’m lucky because I have someone who sells Balmy in Spain and I have someone who develops the western Canadian market. That’s really cool, there’s something very exciting about it!

So you consider yourself an impulsive and spontaneous woman?
I am very spontaneous, but also thoughtful. It’s like all my years of experience are benefiting me. I have a crush but I need to determine what exactly I want, what the mission is. I need truth, authenticity, I want to work with passionate people who love to work.

Also, does your beautiful love story continue?
Yes, I’ve been with Dominick for four and a half years. He is a very nice person and can tell me if something is wrong. He’s an instinctive guy, and so am I. We complement each other well. We grow up together, we tell each other the real deal and don’t brood on every page. That’s enough fun! And he’s amazing with my kids.

We often want to “be on our X,” as the expression goes. Is this your case?
I don’t like that expression, but I find it fun to keep learning and growing. Yes, I’m getting old, yes, time is running out, but other beautiful people are coming my way. There is no chance, there are only appointments; I really believe in that. My life is fine, what more can I ask for? Of course I have questions, but I position myself faster than before and learn to say no without giving reasons. I think if we don’t question ourselves, we don’t progress in life. Basically my life is not a long calm river. There were mistakes and sometimes tsunamis happen, but I don’t have to say everything. I am in love, have two good children and my professional life is going well. I have no reason to complain. I surround myself with people who make me feel good and who are genuine, who love me for who I am.

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