Marie-Soleil and Jean-Claude: Beyond the Stars | Two children of a crazy century

25 years ago, hostess, actress and darling of Quebecers Marie-Soleil Tougas died in a plane crash with her husband, filmmaker Jean-Claude Lauzon.A zoo at night, Leo). A documentary traces their tragic fate and their love.

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Luca Boulanger

Luca Boulanger
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A quarter of a century ago, almost to the day, Marie-Soleil Tougas and Jean-Claude Lauzon died. Aged 27 and 43 respectively, in a horrific plane crash in far north Quebec, watched by two friends, Gaston Lepage and Patrice L’Écuyer. At that time, this tragedy shook the province like “a great earthquake”.

Almost everyone in Quebec remembers the moment they heard the news, on August 10th (or 11th), 1997. To commemorate that dark anniversary, and as a duty to remember, Jean-François Poisson has just produced Marie-Soleil and Jean-Claude: beyond the starsa documentary recently available on Videotron’s Vrai platform.

In a fairly classic form, the film lets us relive the shock of that accident, which remains a mystery. The filmmaker uses images and interviews from the archives, mixed with several testimonies from people close to the victims, starting with Gaston Lepage but also Patricia Paquin, André Robitaille, Guy Fournier, Louise Deschâtelets, Nathalie Petrowski and the editor Michel Arcand. People who knew one or the other member of the couple well. Or both. We also see Marie-Soleil Tougas’ brother, Sébastien Tougas, and Marie-Soleil Tougas’ mother, Micheline Bégin, whose testimony of clarity and benevolence is particularly touching.


Jean Claude Lauzon, 1987

a Lovestory

Although we already knew many details about the couple’s tragic life and fate, the documentary reveals unpublished excerpts from their personal diaries. Revealing a bit of their beautiful and tragic love story. A story like we sometimes see in the cinema.

In retrospect, we also imagine Marie-Soleil and Jean-Claude as the heroes of a great love story in the cinema. Characters with an ending on a giant canvas instead of a boreal forest, allowing them to join the mythical couples of art history.

Oh! Life is not like the movies…

Why does this extraordinary couple still fascinate and move us 25 years after their death? Because everyone has practiced a public profession; because everyone was successful. But not only. There is something very beautiful in the mystery of her private life, in the mystery of her relationship, both belated and dazzling. And universal.

opposites attract

Their age, their personality, their social background, everything separated them. In real life, Marie-Soleil and Jean-Claude were far apart; like two foreign continents united in their sentimental drift. A gentle young actress, “disarmingly simple”, in love with an angry forty-year-old, full of complexes.

The shining angel in love with the taciturn demon; This is the portrait made by relatives of the couple. A couple that stays together against all odds. To oneself.

Disillusioned, Lauzon didn’t believe in love at all. The filmmaker said that all the couples he met were unhappy. For her part, Marie-Soleil wanted to believe in “a total, pure and great love”. “I want to live like in a song by Léo Ferré,” she confided to Marie Plourde in an interview, of which we see a brief excerpt.

A song by Ferré… It reminded us of a great song by Marie-Claire Séguin. Jean-Claude and Marie-Soleil were also two children of a crazy century and a crazy dream, of a path so fragile and a world to be rebuilt.

Marie-Soleil Tougas and Jean-Claude Lauzon died much too young. Two bright shooting stars disappeared from skies in the far north near Kuujjuaq on an August afternoon on Earth. But we know that the stars die and leave their mark. These two will no doubt remain in our collective memory for a long time to come.

Produced by Attraction, Marie-Soleil and Jean-Claude: beyond the stars is available on True.

Marie-Soleil and Jean-Claude: beyond the stars


Marie-Soleil and Jean-Claude: beyond the stars

Jean Francois Poisson

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