An autumn of renewal in the ether

After the departure of radio tenors and the end of flagship programs, a new generation of hosts is preparing to take over this fall. What challenges await them? What are you preparing for the audience? The duty takes stock with some of them as the big leap draws near.

Between team briefings, news and pilot shows, Alex Boissonneault spent a week actively preparing for his big debut in the air. On Monday morning he will take the reins of the show for the first time First hour on ICI Premiere Quebec.

“I’m curious about the reaction of the listeners after the first broadcasts. I’m aware that contact has to be established with them, but I’m convinced that we can get there,” he says somewhat feverishly in the interview as D-Day approaches.

It is almost a poisoned gift left to him by his predecessor. Ex-host Claude Bernatchez hung up his microphone last June as the show he had piloted for 17 years topped the ratings in the old capital.

We’ll keep the same team, same name, same way of making news, but I’ll bring my color as an animator. I come from a different background, personality and interests. Of necessity there will be a dose of change even as we remain in continuity.

“Claude was adored by the audience, he left the show on an exceptional level. Of course I want it to stay that way,” says the 43-year-old journalist.

At least, he assures himself, he’s not starting from scratch. He made a couple of substitutions on the morning shows for Radio-Canada in Ontario about ten years ago. More recently, he has mostly been able to practice on television while taking on shows like Ex, politics fans, Question Time and economic zone.

He was a political correspondent at the National Assembly for six years and has a good knowledge of issues affecting Quebec and its region, of which he is also a native, having grown up in Saint-Ferdinand.

“Of course benchmarks will be found. I need to find my tone, figure out the mechanics of the show. But what is reassuring is that the team that will support me remains the same,” he adds.

If he intends to be inspired by Claude Bernatchez – whose authenticity, simplicity, ability to disseminate information, and great command of the French language he admired – he doesn’t want to do “Claude 2.0” for all of that. “We’ll keep the same team, same name, same way of breaking news, but I’ll bring my color to the host. I come from a different background, personality and interests. Of necessity there will be a dose of change even as we remain in continuity. »

It moves at 98.5 FM

There is also change on the airwaves from 98.5 FM in the morning of the weekend. From August 20th, columnist Elisabeth Crête will animate this slot, which Paul Houde has occupied for 15 years and whose contract has not been renewed.

The show The Weekends by Paul Houde so will Even on weekends and will make room for new employees, including Chantal Lamarre. We will also meet Jérémie Rainville to talk about sports and society, Valérie Beaudoin will give a column on the United States and François Gagnon will talk about personal finance, just to name a few.

“What we want to do with this show is deal with current affairs, but with a more weekend-like tone. I will try to convey this tone, explains Elisabeth Crête. On Saturdays and Sundays, people listen to the radio over coffee, have their week in their bodies and want to be informed but more relaxed. »

Entertainment and culture will thus be given more space, emphasizes the new presenter, who worked on Paul Arcand’s microphone on social media. She also wants to add a great interview section with a public figure once a week. “The idea will be to hear him speak from a more personal point of view; her interests, her passions, a challenge she lives. Very human interviews. »

At 31, Elisabeth Crête neither claims to “revolutionize everything” nor to be able to replace Paul Houde overnight. “Like many animators, Paul Houde left a very special mark on the hearts of the audience. […] There is inevitably some emphasis in suggesting something else. »

She also admits that she still has a lot to learn. Because even though she has already created a replacement for the animation on the microphone of 98.5 FM, she is now at the helm of her own show for the very first time. “There’s a difference between a weekly column and a four-hour arm’s length show every weekend. I have much to learn […] I am fortunate to be able to rely on my team, their vast experience and knowledge to grow within. »

It’s not a super comfortable position, but it’s okay to get out of your comfort zone. […] I know my job, I will orientate myself. And then culture is the topic I like to talk about the most.

Start with nothing

From September 5th, a new cultural program, moderated by Emilie Perreault, will take over The more the merrier, the more we read on ICI Premiere.

“The mentality on this type of show is to pick the host and then build something around her. […] It was useless to try The more the merrier, the more we read. We’re starting over, we’re doing something different,” explains Emilie Perreault.

New research team, new employees, new program name (which will also be revealed on Monday): Starting from scratch is inevitably associated with stress, the 37-year-old host knows.

“It’s not a super comfortable position, but it’s okay to get out of your comfort zone. […] I know my job, I will orientate myself. And then culture, that’s the topic I like to talk about the most,” emphasizes the culture columnist You have to get up there at 98.5 FM for six years.

With this new radio rendezvous, she wants to approach culture from all angles and inspire listeners to consume even more of it. Whether theatre, literature, fine arts, humor, cinema or music, there is something for everyone. “We will have a number of collaborators who will come to talk about their discoveries. You will be there regularly, but not every day. I want to vary opinions, discover new voices, ”she emphasizes, revealing that she has already invited literary columnist Claudia Larochelle, comedian and actress Mariana Mazza or even author and teacher Mathieu Poulin.

from mrme Perreault said taking over from host Marie-Louise Arsenault was a “great challenge”. “I try not to pressure myself by worrying if people are going to like me. I consider it a privilege to come after her and capitalize on the fact that she has created a habit in listeners of listening to the culture. Some will go through grief, there will be adjustment at first, but I’m hopeful. »

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