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As we listen to Michel Charette enumerate his many summer commitments in one breath, one thought springs to mind: Did he knowingly fill out his wall-to-wall journal to avoid some post-summer blues?district 31 ? “That’s a very good question,” the actor replies, slightly confused.

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Marc Andre Lemieux

Marc Andre Lemieux
The press

After a few seconds of silence, time for a brief introspection, Michel Charette continues his reflection. “I hadn’t seen it that way, but maybe subconsciously I wanted that kind of … ‘but what’s going to happen to me?’ »

In recent months, Michel Charette has effectively managed a prime minister’s schedule. Two TV projects in the works, making one one man show, directing and writing a play, filming a series, a ComediHa! and the animation of a daily newspaper on the radio.

Also, at the Rouge FM premises in Montreal, we meet the jack of all trades who obviously knows the recipe to cushion the inevitable fall that accompanies the end of such a dizzying adventure. He has held the reins of the comeback show since June 20th. Co-pilot for the summer, starring Jessica Barker. He describes the experience as “extremely positive” despite a difficult first day.

“I looked like a deer at the traffic light on the freeway,” he recalls and presents his best deer imitation. Before the show I had the dog. And yet I had done my homework, I had visited a few recordings. But the tech, the roadmap, the commercial breaks, the weather, the traffic… It was a lot. »

After the show I came home and ten minutes later I was in bed. I was drained! I felt like a truck had run over me.

Michael Charett

Luckily, most of the puzzle pieces fell into place the next day, and Michel Charette found his way around quickly.

“Am I going to make a career out of this? I do not know. Will I repeat the experience? I do not know. But I’m glad I did. »

On the way to his 1 one man show

Another unprecedented experience for Michel Charette: he will host his first ComediaHa Gala on Wednesday! Solo at the Capitole Theater in Quebec. Alongside comedic stand-up monologues like Stéphane Fallu, Dominic and Martin and Sylvain Larocque, Michel Charette promises the participation of Gildor Roy, his co-master of ceremonies for 2021, as well as a special conclusion that will bring together several “characters”. of a project that would have “worked well”. A popular novel that the actor worked on? If you look at its roadmap, the range of possibilities is wide. radio hell ? Watatow ? cover girl ? The young ? The countries above ? ladies night ? district 31 ? Impossible to find out more.


in the radio hellaired from 1995 to 2001, Michel Charette played the memorable Jean-Lou Duval.

the one man show That he’s gearing up for 2024 is no secret, however, and Michel Charrette clearly describes the pressure he’s putting on himself to meet expectations.

“A gala is six or seven minute numbers, while a one man show, it’s an hour and a half non-stop, all alone. It’s a different game. I will walk in I will make sure I am 100% satisfied with the result. That’s my name on the poster. I am proud. I worked like crazy for 30 years to build my career. It’s not in my nature to present something half-baked. People have to get their money’s worth. »


As you can imagine, a few things slow Michel Charette down. Even when he contracted COVID-19 last month, the workaholic continued to host Co-pilot for the summer from his home in Montérégie.

The pandemic has not slowed down either At the institute, the play he wrote and directed with François Chénier, his faithful accomplice. While other blockbusters like symphoric and Anne have – temporarily – lowered their flag when the seventh wave hit their distributions, that of the Théâtre des Hirondelles in Saint-Mathieu-de-Belœil was spared.

Michel Charette is happy because At the institute draws crowds and provokes laughter despite a touchy subject, mental illness.

“This is the fourth play I’ve written with François [Chénier], and quite modestly, I think it’s the most complete, the best built. It must be said that we also take experience with us. We make fewer rookie mistakes. »

A cruel dilemma

In addition to all his professional activities, Michel Charette still finds time to play. He’s filming in High demolition, the television adaptation of Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard’s novel for Séries+. In this production by Christian Laurence (The slide, 5e rank) he plays Sylvain, an ex-comedian who takes over after an anxiety attack.

In a few weeks he will shoot the second season of the happiness, this TVA comedy directed by François Avard and Daniel Gagnon in which he plays a professor who decides to give up everything and settle in the countryside. The sequel directed by Yannick Savard (caught, The blue hour), who replaces Alain DesRochers, will be “bitter,” the actor promises.

The boys spoiled themselves. It vibrates even more. I’m reading the new episodes and it doesn’t make any sense!

Michel Charette, about the happiness

At the end of the interview The press decides to tackle a sensitive issue with Michel Charette: Untenable Where STAT ? Beginning in September, these two new daily dramas will occupy the 7pm slot left vacant by district 31 in the spring. The first will be broadcast on TVA and the second on Radio-Canada.


Bruno Gagne (Michel Charette) in district 31

This is a cruel dilemma for the actor. On the one hand, Untenable features his friend and former colleague Detective Sergeant Sébastien Delorme; the other, STAT unites a large part of the team behind district 31including its producers Fabienne Larouche and Michel Trudeau, who are also responsible for the happiness.

“Honestly, I’ll look at both,” says Michel Charette as a good politician. I’ll give both a chance. They are two completely different worlds: lawyers, doctors. I can’t wait to see what my friend Delorme will do Untenable. I’m glad he got it after Poupou’s death. And I have friends in there STAT : Patrick Labbé, Geneviève Schmidt… These are people I’ve worked with a lot. My heart beats between the two. »

Michel Charette moderates a ComediHa gala! at the Théâtre Capitole de Québec on Wednesday, August 17. He will be animated until Thursday Co-pilot for the summer in Rouge weekdays from 4pm to 6pm The room At the institutewhich he co-wrote and directed with François Chénier is being shown at the Théâtre des Hirondelles in Saint-Mathieu-de-Belœil until August 27th.

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