8 Hollywood Stars Who Love Camping

Some stars prefer to sleep in a tent than in a luxurious hotel suite. Here are celebrities escaping the whirlwind of Hollywood and finding tranquility in nature.

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The Texan loves camping so much that he lived in a 28-foot Airstream trailer for 12 months. He owns two other trailers of the same brand and has been running his production company from one of them for two years. True amateurs, Matthew and his sweetheart Camila Alves chose this theme for their wedding: They celebrated their wedding at their ranch by setting up the site as a premier campground.


While filming in the United States, Colin foregoes hotel suites in favor of an Airstream trailer. He even camped there for three weeks before starting production. “The nights are always beautiful and the stars are magnificent,” he said. I can sit outside, have a beer and listen to music.”

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The acting couple don’t go camping with the back of a spoon! “We were covered in mud in the White Mountains[in New Hampshire]for three days,” Paul recalls. We had no comfort, not even an inflatable bed. We were soaked and we stank! We only had a tent and a small stove to cook, but we were able to enjoy panoramas that cannot be enjoyed anywhere other than nature.”

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The one who played Joey Tribbiani on the series friends loves camping in its most traditional form. Matt was spotted shopping for a brand new tent, sleeping bags and other camping gear for a getaway.

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Oprah Winfrey

The hostess and her best friend, Gayle King, have already decided to trade the comfort of the studios’ homes for an amazing outdoor adventure and shoot an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show on the road, specifically in Yosemite National Park, California. The girlfriends have never had so much fun under the eyes of the cameras!


Despite her wealth, Eva has always had a soft spot for inexpensive vacations. She went on many camping trips when she was younger and her father took her and her three sisters into the wilderness to teach them how to survive there. Today, she enjoys better amenities, so much so that the actress is the first to suggest that her family go camping instead of going on a cruise.


The country singer and her husband Carl Dean love the convenience of an RV. “I’ve been on a bus most of my life,” Dolly said. There I find the privacy I need. It’s also convenient because I always carry far too many things!” Her favorite RV spots are in Myrtle Beach and Orlando. Carl, the driver, usually decides where to stop.


For the Ontario-born singer, the best way to escape media attention and pushy fans is to escape to nature. And although Justin usually chooses them glamping – a portmanteau of “glamour” and “camping” – he always enjoys making campfires and enjoying the tranquility of the great outdoors in the middle of nowhere.

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