the Duffer brothers make this surprise cast announcement

Since its debut in 2016, the series stranger things has continued to break records on Netflix. And if this became possible, then above all thanks its cast of lovable characters, to which new faces have often been added over the course of the season.

Concentrate on the essentials

series stranger things got used to regularly introducing new faces to his plotlike Max and Billie, who arrived in Season 2 of the series, or, more recently, Eddie, who first appeared in Season 4.

Careful not to repeat the narrative scheme of previous seasons several times, introducing new characters and putting them in a bad position a little later, the creators of the series made a radical decision. They will not be introducing any new characters in Season 5 of stranger things, which would also serve as the series’ grand finale.

Responded to by IndieWirethe Duffer brothers have announced that they will try to quell their urge to add new characters to the cast stranger things, in order to to continue to focus on the main protagonists of the series.

I like shaking things up, so let’s change the plot or add new creatures. We’re doing our best to resist the temptation to bring new characters into this Season 5. We’re trying not to do this so we can focus on the characters that already exist Matt Duffer

We take the same and start over

This news would have been enough to disappoint fans if the current cast hadn’t already shown us that it’s going to this fifth season, without getting new blood into the team. Exactly as agreed was the last season of stranger things will focus on Will Byers and should come close the arcs of the characters already present in the series.

If the Duffer brothers made that choice, it’s because integrating new characters into a story takes time. A lot of time… And since this is not expandable, Dwelling on a new face inevitably means leaving the series’ original characters behind.

Every time we introduce a new character, we get nervous. We say, “We have a great cast of characters and actors here, and every moment we spend working on a new character, we lose it to another on the show. – Ross Duffer –

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