Antoine Bertrand: “A good comedy is difficult to write”

in the i love what you doa French comedy directed by Philippe Guillard and starring Gérard Lanvin and comedian Arthur, Antoine Bertrand embodies a local filmmaker with methods…to say the least.

“I’m aware that my role in Philippe’s film is to be him Comic relief. It’s another nuisance added to the life of Gérard Lanvin being caught with this ball played by Arthur. Notes: Gérard Lanvin plays Gérard Lanvin. He is preparing to play the role of a French resistance fighter during World War II in an American blockbuster.

Arriving on location, the producer introduces him to the new director, played by Antoine Bertand, and at the same time he meets Momo, played by Artus, a big fan who turns out to be annoying. The relationship between the actor and the director is anything but easy. “Gérard doesn’t understand what he’s saying to him and my way of directing him is a bit playful… between playfulness and incompetence,” the actor explained in an interview with the agency QMI.

Antoine Bertrand was free to add and change some of his lines and he did not hesitate, even if he told Gérard Lanvin in particular that he did not quite understand his accent. “I’m happy to serve them their medicine again,” he said, noting that the French sometimes have problems with our accent. But we hear it less and less. Yes, I try my best when I’m there. At some point you don’t want to repeat everything 20 times, but they are a lot more open and try a lot more.”

“When I’m there, I don’t misrepresent myself,” he noted. And I think it’s important not only not to distort, but to bring them a color from home and they like that.

A lover of scenarios

i love what you do gave Antoine Bertrand the opportunity to spend a month in the south of France to live with Philippe Guillard, Gérard Lanvin and Artus. “I take it as a sideline opportunity to meet new people and get a change of scenery … and I know full well my career is where it’s happening.”

What interests him in a role is “the script all the time,” unhesitatingly replied the one we’re currently seeing in it Arlette by MariloupWolfe. “That’s always the story. If I engage in the story, my score in it doesn’t matter. If I get in, I get in. I like playing a small part in a good script as much as playing a big part in a dope.

“A good comedy is hard to write. Something that’s consistently good, that says what’s in the truth, what’s not too cartoonish, etc. It’s really not easy at all. I would be lying if I said playing with Gérard wasn’t part of that journey.

Of course, when we see Antoine Bertrand impersonating a director in such an amusing way, we can’t help but wonder if he intends to go behind the camera one day.

“It excites me all the time. Sometimes I train friends for auditions and I love it. What I love about directing is finding ways to get someone to envision a role without actually playing it for them. It forces you to “psychologize” an approach. Yes, I’m tempted all the time, but the older I get, the more I realize I’m an actor. I’m not a comedian, I’m not an improviser, I’m not a singer, I’m not a director, I’m an actor. I’ve always wanted to do this since I was 4 years old, I do it, I have no shortage of work, FAQ At some point I tell myself: stay in.”

i love what you do hits theaters on Friday.

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