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Of course, the Mozart psalm that underscores the introduction to this satirical comedy is misleading. As is the enchanting setting in which this satirical comedy, written and directed by Louis Godbout, is set.

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Christine Beaulieu and Benoît Gouin present The scammersby Louis Godbout

Marc Andre Lussier

Marc Andre Lussier
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The scammersas the title suggests, upon arrival there will be little to do with the pleasure of playing a round of golf with friends in serenity and harmony on a beautiful summer afternoon.

This second feature film by Louis Godbout (Mount Foster), also known as a screenwriter (coda, A revision), is characterized by its originality and the filmmaker’s very special sense of humour. His rather cynical observation of humanity turns out to be quite fine, especially since the story is nourished by the many gags scattered throughout the decor, in addition to the interactions between the characters.

Initially, it’s three of them who start their round of golf: Hubert (Benoît Gouin), a psychiatrist by training, his wife Florence (Christine Beaulieu), who teaches yoga to seniors, and André (Steve Laplante), a close friend of the couple who goes with is struggling with a chronic illness. The latter is also Hubert’s business partner and, together with his friend, runs the fortunes of a private retirement home.

On this golf course, where each of the 18 holes is heralded by a thought such as “You are the sky, all else is just weather”, the trio’s calm is quickly disturbed by the presence of an unknown lone golfer whose balls are always the balls that land dangerous towards them. Inadvertently ? That remains to be seen.

To a killing game

With his alpha male looks, Michel (Alexandre Goyette) seduces and caresses at the same time. So Florence quickly invites him to join the trio for the rest of the round. With the group only on the third hole, the screenwriter is fortunate to be able to build a story that we have a good feeling is gradually moving towards a carnage match. We quickly learn that Michel’s mother was one of the tenants of the residence, which is run by his new playmates…

Louis Godbout takes advantage of the decency that surrounds the practice of this top-level sport to poke fun at some of its elements: the dress code, the karting, the eager supervisor (Sébastien René wears a Bavarian costume!), the very strict regulations that the players obviously never have stop transgressing happily.

But beyond the satirical humor that derives from all things golf, The scammers is characterized by well-tempered dialogues in which several social issues are addressed at the same time. In this “closed door under the open sky” (as the filmmaker describes it), the masks fall on discussions of diversity, dealing with older people, romantic relationships. In short, we’re offered a sparkling look at human nature and its gray areas. The success of this niche film is also due to the impressive actors who subtly modulate the nuances of a unique score.

“That’s what life is: a beautiful big river of Nonsense says Hubert. The scammers strives to illustrate it eloquently. And humour.

The scammers

satirical comedy

The scammers

Louis Godbout

With Christine Beaulieu, Benoît Gouin, Steve Laplante

1:30 p.m


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