98.5 FM | Luc Ferrandez succeeds Bernard Drainville

The presenter and ex-politician takes over the management of the radio program, which is broadcast weekdays at 12 noon on 98.5 FM

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Luca Boulanger

Luca Boulanger
The press

Apparently, the airwaves flow well between politics and journalism in Quebec. After three years as a commissioner at the microphone for Paul Arcand, Luc Ferrandez will be the star presenter of the Montreal channel from August 22, he was told The press. The former mayor of Plateau-Mont-Royal will be at the helm Without a reservationa new program covering the week’s news from 12pm to 3pm on 98.5 FM.

“My bosses at Cogeco have already asked me to encourage them to take over as a stand-in during the holidays or during the holidays,” confides Luc Ferrandez in an interview. However, I always declined. Because I like to get too deep into a topic and speak my mind. I often say opportunity makes the thief. »


Bernard Drainville in 2017 on the microphone of 98.5 FM

The reason, of course, is the resignation of Bernard Drainville on June 2nd, who is returning to politics and standing for election this autumn under the colors of the CAQ. End Drainville PM, the most listened to radio show at lunchtime.

in its continuityWithout a reservation will be a radio rendezvous for opinion fans. Like his host, who is known for his openness. Ferrandez will continue to advocate for social issues close to his heart, such as the environment and urban planning.

“But I didn’t permanently stick the outrage button on,” he adds. It’s okay to be angry about injustice, but you also have to recognize the problems and find solutions. Some issues, such as health and social services, need to be approached more calmly. Calm. »

An extension of political life

For Luc Ferrandez, talk radio is a normal extension of his political commitment. He explains the crooked atoms between his old and his new job because his actors feed on the news. Intensive. Any time of the day. There is also an interest in public affairs, a desire to contribute to the societal debates that animate the two circles, he exemplifies.


Luc Ferrandez

What will his show look like?

The host wants to “offer content that’s both intelligent and entertaining” surrounded by staff who can do both. In his team we will hear the voices of Meeker Guerrier (Noovo, RDS). “Meeker can talk to us about sports with a social aspect,” says Ferrandez. We will also find columnist Christian Page and investigative journalist Marie-Ève ​​Tremblay. This will reveal the background of social problems. Finally, Ferrandez keeps commentator Luc Lavoie. “He has a completely opposite understanding of current affairs,” says the new host, who likes tough discussions.

Rocky beginnings

“Luc Ferrandez is a polemicist, a type of leftist, but not an ideologue,” said his colleague Paul Arcand. The King of the Airwaves saw Ferrandez’s potential on the radio long before Ferrandez Project left Montreal.

In interviews I found at the time [que Luc Ferrandez] had an extraordinary ability to communicate with people. I took him out to dinner one day to gauge his interest in the Commission. The rest belongs to my bosses.

Paul Arkand

Paul Arcand remembers Ferrandez debut You have to get up there, in August 2019. To use an understatement, his collaborator disagreed… “It was downright hostile! I never thought I’d see such an outcry, Arcand says. But Luc works very hard and loves a challenge. He won the appreciation of many listeners over time. »

A two-year contract

On his first appearance on 98.5’s morning show, Ferrandez recalls receiving 600 hate messages in less than 48 hours! What does he expect when he announces his appointment this morning?

“I think it will be the same,” replies Ferrandez. I haven’t changed my language one iota. I don’t do radio so that everyone thinks like me. It’s normal that people don’t like me. And with social networks, excessive anger has become the modus operandi of our time,” says the innkeeper, who has signed a two-year contract with Cogeco.

But the ex-politician is made strong. And he can weather storms. Beyond his talents as a communicator and popularizer, Paul Arcand got to know the man. “Luc is a very funny guy with a lot of self-mockery,” he says.

At 60, Ferrandez has decidedly left politics behind. Although nowadays everything is possible. However, as he develops in public, he is attracted to the light. “I have deep faith in the peaceful nature of Quebecers,” says the host, quoting words from a famous Charlebois song (written by Pierre Bourgault). “Because here in Quebec, everything starts with a Q and ends with a beak. »

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