Vanessa Pilon and Alex Nevsky talk about the childhood they want to give Claire

Vanessa Pilon and Alex Nevsky have gone through major changes together for almost six years, both individually and as a couple. Without forcing anything, they evolved in the same direction, organically harmonizing their desires and their desires. The artists experienced a 180-degree turn from urban to rural life, from constant hustle and bustle to attentive presence. The hostess and singer-songwriter, now settled in the Eastern Townships with her four-year-old daughter, let life dictate her pace. A rhythm that allows them to feel on their X in all areas.

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” […] At first I idealized the trip with our daughter. I wanted her to discover the world. Then came the pandemic. It changed my priorities and my values. Travel is not that important anymore. After all, we don’t have to travel for our daughter to be happy. What we all need is presence. I need her presence as much as she needs mine. When we are together, I choose to be present. The environment can be enchanting, but without the presence it is worthless. A child brings us back to this present. At Claire we are aware that time flies quickly. That’s what all parents say…” says Alex Nevsky.

“She has a good life… For her, nature is the most beautiful playground. We buy few toys because it doesn’t amuse him or allow him to fill his time,” says Vanessa Pilon.

At the market she sometimes finds a doll for 50 cents, but she ends up putting it aside because we always play outside. We often open the patio door and shout: “Thank you, life!” “Thank you sun!” Our voices echo over the mountains. she loves this! It’s nice to see her growing up in nature and nourishing herself with this life around her. The place where we live is wonderful! We are so lucky! ‘ the singer starts with a smile.

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