Moderna will build its vaccine factory in Laval

Biopharmaceutical company Moderna announced on Thursday that it has signed an agreement to purchase land at the Laval biotechnology park to build its factory, which is expected to have the capacity to produce 100 million doses of vaccines per year.

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The location of the plant is “ideal”, explains Moderna: It is the Cité de la Biotech, a developing industrial park in the Chomedey sector, which brings together large biopharmaceutical companies and research institutes and employs several thousand people.

The land was ceded by the National Institute for Scientific Research (INRS), which operates and has a stake in a research center in the city.

“This location offers Moderna tremendous synergy opportunities through its proximity to a renowned research facility and is consistent with the needs of the project and its importance to all Quebecers and Canadians,” Moderna said in a statement Thursday.

For the mayor of Laval, Stéphane Boyer, “it is clear that the addition of an important player like Moderna to our project is a real privilege. We greet them with enthusiasm today and will follow these files with close attention,” he said in a written statement.

INRS said it was “fortunate” to cede land to meet the needs of the future biofactory, which will specialize in making messenger RNA vaccines, a technology first spreading with the COVID-19 vaccines Has.

“There is no doubt that adding a partner of this scale will add to the impact of the Laval technology park in Quebec and Canada and energize the life sciences and health technology ecosystem,” the research organization said in an email.

Construction of this biofabrication facility is scheduled to begin in 2022 and the facility is expected to be operational by the end of 2024, subject to planning and regulatory approvals, it said.

The INRS could not reveal the exact address of the future factory as the due diligence is still ongoing, it is underlined.

Health Minister Christian Dubé said on Twitter: “The arrival of Moderna in Quebec is a sign of innovation in healthcare. This is important and we are very proud of it.”

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