Celine Dion in mourning: She comes out of the silence after the death of Daniel Levi, her touching tribute!

Impossible for Celine Dion not to react to the death of her friend. The one who’s been discreet for a while honored the memory of Daniel Lévi in social networks. Find out all the details in this article.

Celine Dion delivers a moving message

This is news that has been in the headlines for days. On August 6, 2022, we learned that Daniel Lévi had joined the stars. The deceased then left a bitter fight against cancer only 60 years old. He left his family, friends and fans behind.

Shortly after his death was announced, several people paid tribute to him. Among them many public figures. This is especially true for Arthur and Géraldine Nakache. As for Patrick Bruel, Mireille Mathieu and Amir, they, too took over the songs of the late At a concert.

It is her way of honoring the memory of Daniel Lévi. The tribute to a very famous singer did not go unnoticed either. This is Celine Dion. Note that for several months the diva was very discreet in the media.

She responded on Twitter the disappearance of Daniel Lévi. In her message, Celine Dion said she was saddened by the terrible news. Daniel Lévi, with whom she has already shared the stage, has a voice, she said “absolutely stunning”.

“I want to offer my deepest condolences to his family and loved ones,” she concluded.

Celine Dion: her health problems

As mentioned above, Celine Dion has been rare for some time. For good reason, the interpreter is from ” My heart will continue to beat “ has been dealing with health issues since 2017.

She first had lower back spasms that forced her to do it rest. Subsequently, the widow had a hearing problem called autophony. According to Here magazine causes this disease a buzzing feeling inside the skull.

It also reproduces his own voice, heartbeat and even breathing. All of this has kept Celine Dion discreet in recent years. However, despite her health problems, she still stays more or less active in the artistic world.

In May 2022 for example came out of hiding to decorate an elephant statue. An object she had donated to the art installation “Elephant Parade” at Resorts Word Las Vegas. Her fans couldn’t be happier to see her in public that day.

A return to the stage very soon

Because of her health concerns, Celine Dion was also forced to postpone his tour in Europe. A tour that has been postponed twice. The first time was because of the pandemic and the second time obviously has to do with his health issues.

Celine Dion is saddened by this situation and says she is sorry reschedule his shows. She had also stated at the time that she felt much better, but still had cramps. As a result, the singer has to rest to regain her form.

“I’m trying my best to come back 100 percent to get on stage because that’s what you guys deserve,” she told her fans.

It seems that Celine Dion is doing better and better today since loud the latest news His tour will start very soon. In fact, she has planned to return to the stage in September 2023, to the delight of her French fans. Note that the show takes place at La Défense Arena.

Meanwhile, Celine Dion continues with her recovery. In particular, she can count on her children to keep her company. let’s remember Quebec singers is the mother of three beautiful boys born of her relationship with René Angélil. The eldest is named René-Charles, while the youngest, twins, are named Eddy and Nelson.

Celine Dion is also shown next to the three men of her life on Mother’s Day. On this occasion, the diva thought a little about Ukrainian mothers “and around the world” who have lost their children.

“We pray that they will find comfort in their families and peace in this world,” she wrote in the caption of the snap with her sons.

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