Air Canada delay: two reasons and two different compensations for the same flight

Two Air Canada passengers traveling on the same flight were surprised to receive two different versions explaining their plane’s delay. The airline even offered one of the two a much more attractive compensation.

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The incident happened in June when the air sector’s rapid restart caused chaos. Manon Boisvert and her spouse Mario have to go to Las Vegas, but their Air Canada flight is more than three hours late.

Back from their trip, the two assert claims for damages. According to the Canadian Air Passenger Bill of Rights, compensation can be as high as $400 for a three to six hour delay.

But a few weeks later, the couple was stunned when they received Air Canada’s reply via email.

“The reasons given varied. We had two compensations that didn’t go together. However, we were on the same flight! ‘ says Ms. Boisvert, still troubled.

In shaky French

The newspaper was able to see the two emails received. To meme Boisvert, Air Canada, explained the flight delay due to the moody weather and in shaky French.

“Our investigation has revealed that you (see) The Air Canada flight was delayed due to weather conditions, a situation beyond our control. In that case, you are not entitled to any compensation,” one wrote.

Air Canada was still offering a 20% discount on Mme Boisvert on a future purchase.

However, for her spouse, the airline had a different explanation: “The compensation you are claiming does not apply because the cancellation was caused by a safety issue. As a goodwill gesture and exceptionally, we would like to offer you a $300 Air Canada eCoupon,” Air Canada wrote.

Contacted by The newspaperThe airline did not issue a statement yesterday.

“They say nonsense, they give all sorts of reasons, I find that regrettable. I’ve decided to skip my train and for my next flight I’m leaving with Transat, it’s that simple,” said green wood.

Far from the only ones

Air Canada has been heavily criticized for weeks. Many customers have received the same type of response.

Media has shed light on the airline’s modus operandi, which explains the delays in its flights due to a safety issue while dealing with staff shortages.

For John Gradek, a former airline executive, Air Canada is trying to find all possible reasons to avoid compensation from its customers.

“Air Canada has a pretty interesting array of excuses for delays and cancellations. A maintenance issue or staff shortage is entirely under the control of the airlines. They know the importance of having equipment in good condition and having enough staff,” believes Mr. Gradek, who is also an associate professor at McGill University.

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