To be enjoyed with corn

Rain and cool weather in June delayed the corn season. Now that the corn on the cob has arrived, here are five perfect bottles to pair with this summertime treat… however you prefer.

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Karyne Duplessis Piche

Karyne Duplessis Piche
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The higher heat and the clay soil of the Montérégie offer ideal conditions for growing maize. It is also a popular spot for grape vines. Why not combine the two products at the table with the Cuvée B1 from the Les Bacchantes vineyard? The winery blends Seyval Blanc and Vidal, two hybrid varietals that make an excellent pairing. Seyval brings aromas of citrus fruits and fresh herbs reminiscent of Sauvignon. As for the Vidal, it adds notes of exotic fruits and a fuller texture on the palate. You will be the star of the roast!

The Vines of the Bacchantes B1 2021 (14722039), $17.15

Big bottle, big fun


Granbazan Etiqueta Verde Rias Baixas 2021

The Albarino grape variety has undoubtedly found its way into your glass in recent years. Cultivated on both sides of the Spanish and Portuguese borders, it increasingly seduces with its fragrant bouquet and lively and subtly salty attack. In the Spanish region of Rias Baixas, the Granbazan winery produces such a wonderful cuvée with this grape variety. As soon as the cork is pulled, the glass fills with aromas reminiscent of minerality such as wet rocks and the salty scents of the coast. Fresh, tender and with a slight residue of gas, it will be a hit with a tuna and corn salad.

Granbazan Etiqueta Verde Rias Baixas 2021 (14355152), $20.20

Perfect with a buttered corn on the cob


Mission Hill Chardonnay Reserve Okanagan Valley 2020

The woody notes and cantaloupe aromas of this Chardonnay betray its origins: it hails from a warm climate in the New World. California? No, Okanagan! However, on the slopes of Mount Boucherie near Kelowna, the Mission Hill estate was inspired by Californian Robert Mondavi. This is evident both in the architecture of the building and in the wine. The spicy-woody bouquet is accompanied by a pleasant freshness on the palate. The floral notes are long-lasting and pair beautifully with corn.

Mission Hill Chardonnay Reserve Okanagan Valley 2020 (11092078), $20.15

With rose


Château La Lieue Coteaux Varois en Provence 2021

The pale color of this Provence rosé invites you to relax. But don’t let the looks fool you, it’s a prime candidate for the meal. The Vial family grows Cinsault and Grenache in the north of Toulon in southern France according to the rules of organic farming. These two grape varieties produce a fruity rosé, but not sweet. The wine is characterized by a gourmet texture, very pleasant, which brings complexity. It goes well with corn as an appetizer and stands up well to grilled pork chops.

Château La Lieue Coteaux Varois en Provence 2021 (11687021), $19.20

California’s Trump


Sea Sun Chardonnay 2018

The Wagner family is known for Caymus, a dense, meaty, and indulgent American red wine. Sea Sun wines are also produced, with more nuanced Chardonnay. Grown near the Pacific, the winery’s grapes benefit from the freshness of the ocean. This is an enrichment, especially in hot years like 2018. On the nose, the woody notes are inviting and mingle with the aromas of very ripe yellow fruits. The balance continues in the mouth: it’s spicy, fruity and the creamy texture pairs beautifully with grilled or buttered corn.

Sea Sun Chardonnay 2018 (14393423), $24.95

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