Tesla has Canada in mind

Could Tesla’s growth go through Canada? Maybe. The electric vehicle company has begun working with the Ontario government to build potentially “advanced manufacturing facilities” in the province.

A statement in the Ontario Lobbyists Registry confirms the company’s interest in Canada and “working with the government.” [ontarien] and its agencies to identify industrial plant and/or advanced manufacturing opportunities.”


The company wants to meet with provincial government officials to “identify incentive programs that could further enhance Ontario’s attractiveness for investment in industry and/or advanced manufacturing,” the statement said.

This new target is in addition to other lobbying activities Tesla has already undertaken with the Ontario government, particularly around EV or solar energy regulations. The company also already has a presence in Ontario, where it has a battery manufacturing equipment manufacturing facility in Markham, near Toronto.

On Aug. 4, the company’s CEO, Elon Musk, reportedly asked attendees at Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting about the location of an upcoming factory. Electric autonomy, an information site specialized in the electrification of transport. “We hear a lot about Canada. I’m half Canadian should I? he asked.

And in Quebec…

Is Tesla interested in Quebec? “We are in talks with most of the international players in the electric transport sector. We have nothing particular to disclose,” Mathieu St-Amand, spokesman for the office of Quebec Minister for Economy and Innovation Pierre Fitzgibbon, said via email.

When asked if the federal government was involved in the steps towards the possible establishment of a factory in Canada, the federal ministry for innovation, science and industry was content to confirm that it had recently held a meeting with officials from the company in June – without the exact number indicate the content of this meeting.

“It’s good to see our government’s investments catching the attention of automakers and businesses around the world. We will continue to do everything in our power to ensure Canadians can benefit from the global transition to electric vehicles,” ministry spokeswoman Laurie Bouchard said via email.

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