The chest in hybrid mode

Comfort has entered our lifestyle for more than two years. We wear clothes with looser cuts, softer fabrics. With the return to the office in hybrid mode, has our chest also adopted this new attitude towards life?

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Olivia Levy

Olivia Levy
The press

According to Stéphanie Macpherson, head of lingerie at Lyla’s avenue Laurier boutique, an already very present trend of wearing wireless bralettes is continuing. “The desire for comfort is now non-negotiable, we have seen it in teleworking and it has become essential,” she notes.


Stéphanie Macpherson, Head of Lingerie at Lyla Boutique

“The bralette is making a strong comeback, attracting new customers: women who didn’t wear one before the pandemic and have larger breasts because there are so many plus-size models now. Some women would never have dared to wear a non-wired bra, but that’s not the case anymore,” she says. And women wear the bralette at all times whether they are working from home or in the office.

Assumed femininity

At the same time, there is a return to more femininity.

“What surprises us is that we are seeing an increase in more elegant lingerie, very feminine, even sexy lingerie, which is certainly associated with the resumption of outings and social life,” said John Izzo, vice president, design and product development, at La Vie en Rose with 205 branches in 18 countries.


John Izzo, Vice President, Design and Product Development, at La Vie en Rose

Whether in the office or in the restaurant, we dress smarter, lingerie follows.

John Izzo, Vice President, Design and Product Development, at La Vie en Rose

Although he’s seen sales of non-wired bras increase during the pandemic, he’s now noticing an increase in underwired bras. “Currently 60% of our bra sales are structured styles with underwire and light lining, 25% are pushups and this category is increasing, and 15% are more comfortable models without reinforcement,” he specifies. According to him, there was a saturation of the soft garment. “Women don’t want to appear too relaxed in the home office either, so they rely on good breast support in front of the screen. »

Stéphanie Macpherson makes women want to have fun. “We’re moving towards something more feminine, provided it expresses itself in a desire for lace and colour, to rediscover the joy of femininity, while being comfortable with cotton and silk. »

  • Lounge push-up bralette, non-wired, La Vie en rose, $34.95


    Bralette lounge push upwireless, La Vie en rose, $34.95

  • Lace underwired bra, La Vie en rose, $44.95


    Lace underwired bra, La Vie en rose, $44.95

  • Leo Botanical Lace Bralette, miiyu for Simons, $29


    Leo Botanical Lace Bralette, miiyu for Simons, $29


According to stylist Ariane Simard, comfort depends on soft materials like cotton and sports bras. “I really see a lot of women wearing it every day, I went for the sports version myself,” she admits. A habit she picked up during the pandemic and that she’s keeping, because the sports models have multiple functions. “A sports bra can also be worn under a blouse to go to the office,” notes La Vie en Rose’s John Izzo. I think women appreciate the different characteristics of a bra. »

No support, personal choice

And no support at all? Some, often among the youngest, have dropped their bras, notes Ariane Simard.

Raphaëlle Catteau, 50, hasn’t given up the bra except when she’s at home. “When I’m alone with my partner and the kids I take it off at the end of the day, but otherwise I wear one, with or without underwire, that depends,” she says.

“I don’t see a lot of women not wearing anything because it’s not always extremely comfortable for everyone, it’s very personal but it’s not necessarily comfortable. Depending on the size of the chest, there is a possibility of gentle support,” says Stéphanie Macpherson, who has been in the lingerie industry for 25 years.

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