Long live true diversity!

If I told you all black people looked the same, what would you say?

I’m probably racist. And for a good reason.

Why, then, do we accept self-appointed spokespeople who say “speak on behalf of all blacks” as if blacks are a homogeneous group and that they all think the same thing on all issues?

That’s not racist, is it?

Do all white people think the same?


Are you for diversity?

So stop saying we can lump all black people, all gay people, all transgender people, all women, or all Muslims.

It’s not true that the color of our skin, our religion, or our sexual orientation is the last word of who we are.

Whether our race, beliefs, gender, or sexual preferences define us.

An individual is far richer, far more complex than that…

There are gay men who don’t recognize themselves in the Pride parade, who don’t see the police as enemies and who find gender theory ridiculous.

Muslims who are against the veil and for Law 21.

Black people who don’t care about the Quebec Black League and find it absurd that we want to ban college professors from speaking about the book White niggers of America.

Women who oppose the introduction of quotas for women on company boards.

On the one hand, we say we are for diversity.

But then again, we deny the fact that the diverse communities that make up modern Quebec are diverse!

As if only whites would form a heterogeneous group!

And that the other churches were all in one block!

I’m sorry but… that’s not discriminatory, is it?


In recent years we have seen the proliferation of associations and organizations founded on identity.

It has almost become an industry in itself.

You wanted to be a singer or comedian, but your career never really took off? Become a spokesperson for an identity group! Jump on the victimization bandwagon and you’ll finally exist in the media!

We will interview you! Ask for your opinion if something affects your community directly or indirectly! Give scholarships!

you become someone! An essential personality! Who might even have the government’s ear!

That way, if an issue is affecting your community, the government can say, “Yes, we take this story very seriously, the proof of that is that this morning we spoke to the President of the Chinese Cyclists’ Association, who spoke on behalf of thousands of Chinese Cyclists speak Quebec! »


All pure hypocrisy…

Because, just between us, who thinks that members of this or that community all think alike?

No one!

Except for the speakers of these dummy associations!

Who have every interest in perpetuating the myth that black people (or gay people or women or Muslims) are all on the same page.

Because her salary is at stake… And her place in society.

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