Bad Checks: $1.4 billion is sleeping in the CRA coffers

A total of $1.4 billion in uncashed checks are currently in the vaults of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). All Canadians can check online if they have an uncashed check with the agency.

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As of May 2022, the total amount of uncashed checks from Canadians at the CRA was $8.9 million. These refunds and benefits, issued by the agency by direct deposit or by check, are sometimes not redeemed because a change of address did not allow delivery or because the taxpayer misplaced the check received.

As the amount swells over the months and years, the CRA on Monday listed several solutions to ensure that money ends up in taxpayers’ pockets.

Also, approximately 25,000 electronic notices will be issued in August 2022, an additional 25,000 in November 2022, and an additional 25,000 in May 2023 to certain recipients of Canada’s Child Support and related provincial and territorial programs, GST/HST credit and Alberta Energy Tax rebate for theirs uncashed checks.

An initiative that is not new as it was launched by the CRA in February 2020 and allowed Canadians to cash approximately two million checks valued at $802 million between February 10, 2020 and May 31, 2022 .

Consult your uncashed checks

In addition, since 2020, all Canadians have been able to view their uncashed checks thanks to the online My Account tool.

There, under “Services related to,” there is an option called “Uncashed Checks” to do the verification.

According to the CRA, some uncashed checks even date back to 1998. Their average amount is $158.

However, these checks never expire. The CRA cannot void an original check and issue a new one without receiving the taxpayer’s application. Even if the taxpayer doesn’t act, he won’t get a new check.

You must complete and submit the form displayed online under “My File”. At the same time, the CRA on Monday encouraged Canadians to sign up for direct deposit to receive funds into their bank accounts.

It is also possible for the taxpayer to find out if they have uncashed checks by calling 1-800-959-7383.

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